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2018 Libertarian Party of New York State Convention
2018 LPNY Convention Group.jpg
Dates: April 20—22, 2018
Location: Castleton, New York
Venue: Comfort Inn
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The 2018 Libertarian Party of New York State Convention was held April 20—22, 2018 at the Comfort Inn in Castleton, New York. It is hosted by the Capital District Libertarian Party.


Per tradition as it is a gubernatorial election year, Albany was selected as the convention city.

Committee Assignments

The following committees were established with chairs:


Election of Officers


Name Round 1
Jim Rosenbeck 63
Mark Glogowski 14

Rosebeck was elected Chair in the first round.


Waddell and Hannon were elected unopposed in the first round.


Name Round 1
Blay Tarnoff 47
Tucker Coburn 31

Tarnoff was elected Secretary unopposed in the first round.



Name Round 1 Round 2
Mark Potwora 61 E
Susan Overeem 59 E
Hesham El-Meligy 56 E
Tucker Coburn 53 E
Tony D'Orazio 40 43
Chris Edes 37 17
Jarrod Thuman 27 11
Fred Cole 23 W
Gary Triestman 9 D
Ruben 1 (w-i) 1 (w-i)
NOTA 1 1

Election of Candidates

The statewide offices are up for election for 2018 and the LPNY will nominate a slate of candidates.


  • Larry Sharpe, 2016 vice presidential candidate (unanimously nominated)

Lt. Governor

Attorney General


U.S. Senate


  1. [1]

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