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Libertarian Party of New York State Convention 2000
Dates: April 29, 2000
Location: Yonkers, New York
Venue: Royal Regency Hotel
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The Libertarian Party of New York State Convention, 2000 was held on April 29, 2000 at the Royal Regency Hotel in Yonkers, New York.


From the LPNY website:

The Libertarian Party of New York presented exceptional speakers with a variety of perspectives at the 2000 convention Saturday, April 29th at the Royal Regency Hotel in Yonkers (Westchester County) NY.

John Clifton Selected as the Libertarian Senate Candidate for NY in 2000

Four people had competed for the New York Libertarian Senate nomination (short biographies and pictures of each).

Harry Browne, the 1996 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Barry Hess, and Ken Krawchuk appeared at the LPNY convention to address potential delegates to the National LP Convention.

Harry Browne John R. Lott, Jr., the author of a controversial, yet comprehensive study published in 1998 called More Guns, Less Crime. He will speak about his findings and the FBI crime data he worked with to draw his conclusions.

Kanchan Limaye, arts critic written up in Vanity Fair (Nov. 99) in "Damsels in Dissent" by Sam Tanenhaus. Founder of, Kanchan spoke on "Multiculturalism and Political Correctness versus Interculturalism."

Robert Schultz, Dotty-Lou Brokaw and Peter Carl Robert Schulz, 1994 LPNY candidate for Governor, engineer and founder of All-County Taxpayers Association performed a short play with LPNY members Dotty Lou Brokaw and Peter Carl.

Lawrence Parks, an economist and founder of Foundation for Monetary Education, spoke on sound and honest money--as opposed to the fiat currency you probably havein your wallet today.

Carol LaGrasse is a retired civil engineer and founder of the Property Rights Foundation of America. She spoke on property rights under assault in New York. One striking example is gravel production. New York state currently has to ship its gravel from out of state (we're shpiping ROCKS, folks) because state regulations have basically put NY gravel companies out of business. She talked about areas in the Adirondack park that fall under the jurisdiction of six different agencies--imagine being a homeowner there!

Steven Landsburg is an economist, professor at the University of Rochester, and columnist for Slate. He is the author of The Armchair Economist and Fair Play. He will spoke on "fair play," putting what government does in terms of kids playing on the playground. The government is the bully that takes other people's toys.

Richard Cooper, media director for the Libertarian Party of New York, will speak on "Making A Difference In New York."

We elected new officers, presidential electors and delegates to the national convention.

Election of Officers

  • Richard Cooper, elected
  • Jeffrey Russell

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