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The State of New Hampshire boasts of Libertarian credentials that may well be the strongest of any US state. Certainly, the selection of the state as the eventual destination for the Free State Project's participants points to its reputation for Libertarian-friendliness. The state motto, "Live free or die", is often cited by natives as emblematic of a rugged individualism seen as setting NH apart from its New England neighbors -- a particular contrast with the communitarian ethos prevelant in neighboring Vermont or the reputation of Massachusetts as a haven for taxation and government spending.

New Hampshire's demographics have changed rapidly over the past couple of decades, with the expansion of the Boston, Massachusetts, metropolitan area now well over the border. In general NH voters tend to be younger, more suburban, and more affluent than was the case in past decades.

Ballot access

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Executive Board circa 2007

John Babiarz, chair, past chair (c. 2007)
Seth Cohn, 2nd district vice chair (c. 2007)
Faith Cook, secretary (c. 2007)
Brenden Kelly, chair (c. 2007)
Avens O'Brien, 1st district vice chair (c. 2007)
Sandy Pierre, treasurer (c. 2007)
Source: as of State Convention - October 2007


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Past candidates


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