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The Free State Project is a nonpartisan, libertarian movement that is organizing a massive move of 20,000 liberty-lovers to New Hampshire where they will work to attain libertarian ideals by working within the political system. The governor of New Hampshire has said that he welcomes the "porcupines."

Insignia of the FSP

The porcupine signifies a cute and cuddly creature which one is advised to avoid stepping on. This is meant to imply that these individuals are friendly and non-aggressive, but want to be left alone and will defend themselves if attacked, symbolising the non-aggression principle. This mascot has given rise to "porcupine" or "porc" being used as a term for both FSP participants as well as anyone in New Hampshire (FSPer or not) devoted to working for libertarian causes. The insignia bears the FSP's motto, "Liberty in Our Lifetime."

The First 1000

In January 2006 the FSP launched "The First 1000"[1], an effort to sign up 1000 people willing to move to New Hampshire by the end of 2008. The purpose of this project was to speed up the migration to New Hampshire and generate additional publicity. The pledge was successfully completed with 1,033 signers.[2]


"A Candid World," a feature-length documentary about the Free State Project and its participants, is between pre-production and early production stages. The film is helmed by New York City filmmakers Tom Caruso and Marc Femenella.

Porcupine Festivals

The FSP holds social events once a year, typically at camp sites, in order to give out of state people a chance to get acquainted with the area. The "Porc Fests" have turned out to be a great way for people considering making the move to make the necessary social and professional network contacts needed to make any easy and successful move.

Liberty Form

The 2007 Liberty Form is a conference about attaining personal and economic freedom in America's freest state

It Seeks to:

  • Teach political action methods already being effectively employed in New Hampshire
  • Acquaint New Hampshire residents with the Free State Project, its Participants, and their philosophies of liberty
  • Energize attendees about the reachable common goal of creating a freer personal and economic State

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