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Avens O'Brien
Libertarian Party of New Hampshire
Personal Details
Birth: 10 October 1987
Education: St Anselm College
Occupation: Cannabis Industry
Residence: Los Angeles, California
Party: Libertarian
Website: http://www.avens.me
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: Twitter
Instagram: Instagram
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Avens O'Brien is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and activist based in Los Angeles, California. She sits on the board of Feminists for Liberty. She is a frequent speaker and photographer at liberty-oriented conferences and a writer on libertarian subject matter, known for her contributions at The Libertarian Republic, an online news publisher. She publishes her convention photography and much of her commentary on Facebook.

She was a delegate seated with the delegation of the Libertarian Party of California at the 2016 National Convention and 2018 National Convention and was the Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire from 2006-2008. Her long-time partner (since 2012) is former Vice-Presidential candidate Judd Weiss. She is a Lifetime Member of the national Libertarian Party (2020), as well as a Lifetime Member of the Libertarian Party of California (2021).

She gave an endorsement in The Libertarian Republic for 2020 candidate Vermin Supreme and gave a nominating speech for him at the National Convention 2020.

Early & Personal Life

Avens O'Brien is often referred to as a "Second Generation Libertarian" due to her parents' involvement in party activism in the 1970s and 1980s. Her mother is Domi O'Brien, former Secretary of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire and candidate for Governor of New Hampshire in 1986. Her father is Arne Erickson, former activist and candidate for several offices in New Hampshire. Her mother's father Jack O'Brien ran for Congress as a Libertarian in New Hampshire in 1974. Both of her parents were active in petition drives and ballot access initiatives as well as campaigning locally for candidates, and hosting speakers such as Murray Rothbard and Irwin Schiff at their home. Her mother was very active with the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union, and the Alliance for the Separation of School & State. Her parents were homeschoolers and advocates for alternative education.

O'Brien grew up primarily in New Hampshire, and began college at 14. Her early activism was primarily centered around opposing the federal government's actions following the events of September 11th, 2001. She attended numerous anti-war protests and a Badnarik campaign event in NYC in 2004. She ran for and was elected Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire in 2006, at age 19, and stepped down in 2008.

August 12, 1976 - NH Telegraph
August 12, 1976 - NH Telegraph

She moved to Los Angeles in 2010. She began dating activist Judd Weiss in 2012. She began photographing liberty events in 2013, and speaking at liberty conferences in 2016.

Professional Life

O'Brien worked at Euro Pacific Capital from 2013-2014.

She is an investor in and contractor (she works in finance & accounting) for a YouTube Multi-Channel Network specializing in emerging markets, since 2014.

She has worked in the cannabis industry since 2017. She currently provides support to growers in cannabis and mycology.

Federal Campaigns


O'Brien has stated publicly that she does not endorse candidates for Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Treasurer as a rule, citing her interest in unity and decreased factionalization. She has endorsed one candidate for internal party office (LNC At-Large) and two presidential candidates seeking the nomination.

Internal Party Positions

Caucuses & Liberty Organizations

O'Brien does not endorse any broad-based caucus within the Libertarian Party, preferring single-issue caucuses.

Conventions & Party Events


State Level

County Level

  • Los Angeles County Convention 2014 (Photographer, Delegate)
  • Bexar County, Texas Fundraiser 2018 (Speaker)
  • Los Angeles County Convention 2021 (Photographer, Delegate)

Noteworthy Liberty Speaking Engagements

  • Sex Work & Liberty (Panel) - PorcFest 2017
  • Women in Liberty (Panel) – PorcFest, 2017
  • You’re Not Fucking Us Up (Raising Liberty Kids) (Mainstage Speech) – PorcFest, 2017
  • Millennials & Liberty (Panel) – Freedom Fest, 2017
  • Feminism & Liberty (Panel) – Australian Libertarian Society, 2017
  • Alternative Education Methods (Panel) – Australian Libertarian Society, 2017
  • How To Talk About Liberty (w/ Naomi Brockwell) (Keynote Speech) – Australian Libertarian Society, 2017
  • Social Media & Liberty – National Convention 2018
  • Burning Man (Panel) - Freedom Fest, 2018
  • MeToo Movement (Panels) - Freedom Fest, 2018
  • Loving Liberty, Not Just Hating The Other Guy (Mainstage speech) – Anarchapulco 2019
  • Agorism (Panel) – Australian Libertarian Society, 2019
  • Drug War (Panel) – Australian Libertarian Society, 2019
  • Social Media (Panel) – Australian Libertarian Society, 2019
  • Feminism (Panel) – Freedom Fest 2019
  • Masculinity (Panel) – Freedom Fest 2019
  • Millennials (Panel) – Freedom Fest 2019
  • Markets, Not Politics (Mainstage Opening Speech) – AnarchoVegas 2019
  • Markets, Not Politics (Mainstage Speech) - Liberty Forum 2020
  • Making Yourself Useful for Liberty (Mainstage speech) – Anarchapulco 2020
  • Vermin Supreme Nomination Speech - LNC 2020
  • Victimless Crimes (Breakout Speech) - Australian Libertarian Society, 2020
  • Making Yourself Useful for Liberty (Gala speech) - LP Texas 2020
  • Feminism & Liberty (Panel) - Freedom Fest 2021