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This article is about an upcoming convention. Information is subject to change as the convention date approaches and as new information becomes available.
2022 Libertarian National Convention
Dates: May 26-29
Location: Sparks, Nevada (next to Reno)
Venue: Nugget Casino Resort
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The 2022 Libertarian National Convention is the upcoming biannual Libertarian Party National Convention. It will be held in Reno, Nevada, from May 26, 2022, through May 29, 2022.[1] The official web site for this convention can be found at


Official Documents

Delegate Allocations

2022 LPConventionDelegateMap.png

LNC Candidates

The following are declared candidates for the Libertarian National Committee. None of the Above/NOTA is a valid candidate for all positions.

National Chair

Name Background State
Tony D'Orazio[2] Libertarian Party of New York 1st Vice-Chair New York
Steve Dasbach[3] Greenville County Libertarian Party Chair South Carolina
Chris Ehmling[4] New Mexico
Angela McArdle[5] Libertarian Party of California Secretary California

National Vice-Chair

Name Background State
Joe Hauptmann[6] Libertarian National Committee At-Large Indiana
Erik Raudsep[7] Libertarian National Committee At-Large North Carolina
Joshua Smith[8] Libertarian National Committee At-Large California

National Secretary

Name Background State
Caryn Ann Harlos[9] Libertarian National Committee Secretary (2018—2021) Colorado
Tyler Smith[10] Pickens County (SC) Libertarian Party Chair South Carolina

National Treasurer

Name Background State
Tim Hagan[11] Nevada Libertarian Party Former Treasurer Nevada
Todd Hagopian[12] Oklahoma Libertarian Party Treasurer Oklahoma

LNC At-Large

Name Background State
Feena Bonoan[13] Candidate for Hawaii State Senate Hawaii
Craig Bowden[14] 2018 Candidate for US Senate Utah
Pietro Geraci[15] Libertarian Party of New York Executive Committee Member-At-Large New York

Regional Representatives

Regional representatives may or may not be elected during the convention, depending on the method chosen by the affiliate parties making up the region. The regions themselves can also be redefined during the time leading up to the convention.

California (currently identified as Region 4):

Elected at the state convention in February: Carrie Eiler (representative), Joshua Clark (alternate)


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Unofficial Documents

Caryn Ann Harlos has continued to prepare documents that would typically be provided by the National Secretary in protest of what she believed was her removal for allegedly whistleblowing regarding New Hampshire and dereliction of duty regarding the lack of response to the COVID Regime as follows:

Many members were perturbed by the official logo for the convention as some members made the claim that it was officially confirmed that the artist was told to specifically make it NOT about mandates but much more open to interpretation. There is reported to be a Facebook post to this effect in a delegates group but until this post is linked, that claim should be taken as disputed. There has been no official denial of this claim found. This has been viewed as incredibly tone deaf and against the wishes of the people who put monies towards this theme.

In response multiple alternate logos were proposed. Below is one, but there have been several others.

Electronic and Absentee Voting

On March 31, 2022, less than two months prior to the convention, LNC Region 4 Representative TJ Ferreira issued an email which seemed to many to indicate that a decision had been made by the Convention Oversight Committee 2020-2022 to implement electronic voting using his own Porcupine Voting software and seemed to argue that nothing in the Party governing documents prevented absentee voting. Caryn Ann Harlos immediately issued a series of critical personal opinion videos on his assertions and apparent proposal[16]. Later, TJ Ferreira appeared to walk back many of the perceived assertions in the original email that this was a certain plan but framed the idea as the beginning of a discussion. The complete email chain can be viewed here.

The Libertarian Transparency Caucus issued a letter of concern on the issue, taking issue with the lack of transparency in development and the apparent lack of following software engineering best practices in development and rollout.

A source which wishes to remain anonymous has reported that after the public outcry the item (using the Porcupine software) died in Committee for several reasons. Using it for speaker lists was not desired by National Party Chair Whitney Bilyeu and the motion by Alex Flores to use it for credentialing and voting died for lack of second.

Tom Woods

On April 10, 2022, a website published an article containing allegations regarding convention speaker Tom Woods and age differences and the time frame concerning his relationship with his now ex-wife.[17] The article had originally appeared on Being Libertarian, where it was removed by Eric July.[18] This issue has been hotly contested amongst Party members with people coming to different conclusions. All sides have proponents firmly convinced they are correct.

Following publication, a number of Libertarian National Committee members and Libertarian Party members denounced Woods, and a petition on began circulating to remove him as the breakfast speaker at the convention, with over 100 signatures in half an hour.[19] There is presently an LNC email ballot to remove him as a speaker.[20] Other Party members have just as zealously denounced this as a political hit job. Tom Woods has publicly repudiated the allegations.[21]