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Content on LPedia.org is publicly viewable and searchable. Unless otherwise agreed to and noted, all submitted content on the wiki pages is licensed CC-CY-Owner, with lpedia.org as the owner. [1]. Edit histories, including the account names associated with creating or modifying content are shared, and preserved for posterity with the best effort of LPHPC. This content is publicly viewable without limitation. It may also be re-shared as long as sources are given credit.

Viewing pages on lpedia.org includes site statistic gathering code (Google Analytics) and normal web-server logging to help understand usage patterns and problems users may be having on lpedia.org. Information submitted by your web browser to google is not bound by any privacy policy controlled by the LPHPC or the LNC. Information gathered by the LPHPC through server logs or Google Analytics is not monetized, sold in any capacity, or used (or shared for use) in targeted marketing. Information gathered is used solely to improve the content and usability of information presented on lpedia.org.

Accounts can be created so that you can add or modify content on the wiki. The username chosen will be presented publicly, but other information submitted in the account creation process is only gathered for the purpose of verifying your authenticity and contacting you in case there is a problem with your content. Account information is only shared among site adminitrators and even then, only as necessary to verify authenticity or make contact to correct problems on lpedia.org. No user account information is sold to third parties. Accounts are only approved after verification by a human being serving as an administrator for lpedia.org.

If you have any questions about this policy please ask on an adminitrators talk page or email lpedia@lp.org.