Attempted Coup June 2021 of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire

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On June 5, 2021, there was an attempted illegitimate take-over of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire led by Jilletta Jarvis with the assistance of former LP National Chair Joe Bishop-Henchman who resigned in the aftermath. While there are many disputes over multiple issues in this event, the Libertarian National Committee sat an investigative committee who issued this report which contains evidence supporting this opening statement as well as evidence of other acts of malfeasance including the destruction of party emails by Joe Bishop-Henchman just prior to his restoration. Items in this article that are not mentioned in the report or other official documents of the Party should not be taken as positions of or findings of the Party.

Initial Interviews

Many believe, notably Caryn Ann Harlos and her supporters (she and they also maintain that she was removed from her position as LNC Secretary for "whistle-blowing" the involvement of Joe Bishop-Henchman and complicity through passivity of many others on the Libertarian National Committee) that the initial interviews done on June 5, 2021 of Jilletta Jarvis and the outsed (ultimate vindicated) board of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire were absolutely critical in exposing what happened and restoring the legitimate board. These interviews were conducted by LNC members Caryn Ann Harlos, Erik Raudsep, Joshua Smith, and Steven Nekhaila though nearly all of the credit (or blame depending on who you ask) seems to land on Harlos.

Resolution to Initiate Attempted Coup

Arthur Ketchem, Darryl Perry, Jilletta Jarvis, Brian Shields, Thomas Kershaw, Quinn Jarvis, James Jarvis, Jacqueline Perry, Zachary Dumont, Domi O'Brien, Barnaby Thomas, Robb Goodell, and Jeff Halldorson passed this resolution (info) in an illegal (as in procedural, not speaking of law) attempt to dissolve and reconstitute the Party.


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The LNC had appointed an investigatory committee to investigate these events who concluded that the then LNC-Chair Joseph Bishop-Henchman played an improper key role and then deleted his official Party emails prior to resigned from office.

The Committee members were:

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