Libertarian National Committee (1974-1975)

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The Libertarian National Committee controls and manages the affairs, properties, and funds of the national Libertarian Party.



Position Name
Chair Ed Crane
Vice-Chair Andrea Millen Rich
Secretary Bill Westmiller
Treasurer John Kraft

At-Large Representatives

Position Name
At-Large Robert Meier
At-Large David Nolan
At-Large Karl Bray
At-Large Frank Robinson
At-Large Ed Clark
At-Large Fran Youngstein
At-Large Eric Scott Royce

Regional Representatives

Region # Regional Representative States/Areas
Region 1 Patricia Artz (WA)
Bill Susel (CA)
Lynn Kinsky (CA)
Region 2 Eric Westling (CO) West Central
Region 3 Porter Davis (OK)
Bill Howell (TX)
Region 4 Robert Meier
Winston Duke
Region 5 Martin Jahn East Central
Region 6 Brian Donerly Southeast
Region 7 Jane Rehmke
Phil Manger
Region 8 David Long
Lee Schubert


Date Location Minutes
June 16, 1974 (post-convention) Irving, TX
November 30, 1974 Rosslyn, VA
May 24, 1975 Chicago, IL
August 27, 1975 (pre-convention) New York, NY

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