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1976 Libertarian National Convention
Dates: September 23—26, 1976
Location: Washington, D.C.
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The 1976 Libertarian Party National Convention was held 23–26 September 1976 in Washington, DC. It had more than 600 attendees.

Speakers and Panelists

This list is known to be incomplete.

Presentations and Panels

Banquet Address

Roger MacBride gave a talk about his campaign and the growth of libertarianism.

How to Communicate Political Ideas

By Nathaniel Brandon

Welcome Address

With Ed Crane and Roger MacBride

History of the Modern Libertarian Movement

Ralph Raico gave a tarlk about the libertarian movement's place in history and criticises the political status quo.

The CIA-FBI Threat to Privacy

Morton Halperin covered the frightening practices of the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other government agencies.

A Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

Earl Ravenal gave a talk about how we could reduce the threat of war.

Natural Rights

Eric Mack

The Logic of International Diplomacy

David Friedman called our interventionist foreign policy extremely dangerous and called for an alternative.

The Middle East

The panelists were John Hagel, Steve Halbrook, and Leonard Liggio.

Libertarianism and Feminism

The panelists were Kay Augustin, Nancy Borman, Cindy Cisler, Jenny Graf, and Sharon Presley.

Libertarianism and Social Philosophy

Tibor Machan argued that human decency required that the Libertarian Party take a stand on a broad range of social issues.

Libertarian Morality

John Hospers talked about individual sovereignty and personal rights.

Lobbying for Libertarianism

The panelists were Alan Bock, Bob Brauer, and Scooch Pankonin.

Defending the Undefendable

Walter Block gave a presentation based on his the controversial book.

Austrian Economics

The panelists were John Egger, Walter Grinder, and Murray Rothbard.

Integrating Psychology and Politics

Peter Breggin talked about the problem of the unwillingness to break free of oppression (voluntary servitude), noting that children treated as captives rather than equals usually vote for oppressive laws when they are adults. "When children are punished for asserting themselves, they stop asserting themselves. Typically, they then try to stop others from the same thing."[1]

A Libertarian View of the American Revolution

William Marina gave an analysis of the fundamental issues of the American Revolution.


Given by Murray Rothbard

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