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2012 Libertarian National Convention
Liberty Will Win!
Dates: May 4—6, 2012
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
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The 2012 Libertarian National Convention was held on 4-6 May 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It marked the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Libertarian Party.

Election of Presidential Nominee


1st Round

2012 Libertarian Party Nomination for President of the United States 1st Ballot (50% of Delegates needed to win)
Name Votes Percent
Gary Johnson 419 70.4%
R. Lee Wrights 152 25.6%
Jim Burns 12 2.0%
Carl Person 3 0.5%
NOTA 3 0.5%
Sam Sloan (Write-in) 2 0.3%
Max Abramson (Write-in) 2 0.3%
Ron Paul (Write-in) 1 0.2%
Wayne Allyn Root (Write-in) 1 0.2%


2012 Libertarian Party Convention Presidential Nomination (50% of Delegates needed to win)
Gary Johnson R. Lee Wrights Jim Burns
1st Round 419 (70.4%) 152 (25.6%) 12 (2.0%)
1st Round Delegate Vote Results. Delegate majorities are represented as Orange for Gary Johnson, Purple for Lee Wrights, and Red for Jim Burns. Black denotes states where delegate majority was split, and grey indicates states that did not participate.

Election of Vice-Presidential Nominee


  • Jim Burns, former chair of the Libertarian Party of Nevada.
  • Jim Gray, former Presiding judge of the Superior Court of Orange County, California (endorsed by Gary Johnson).
  • Lee Wrights, Libertarian National Committee Vice-Chair


2012 Libertarian Party Nomination for Vice-President of the United States 1st Ballot (50% of Delegates needed to win)
Name Votes Percent
Jim Gray 357 59.50%
R. Lee Wrights 229 38.17%
Jim Burns 6 1.0%
NOTA 7 1.17%
Sam Sloan (write-in) 1 0.17%

Election of LNC Officers




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