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Turning Point -- 1977
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Dates: July 12—17, 1977
Location: San Francisco, California
Venue: Sheraton-Palace Hotel
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Turning Point—1977, the 1977 Libertarian Party National Convention was held at the Sheraton-Palace Hotel in San Francisco between 12 and 17 July 1977. It had more than 50 events and an estimated attendance of 1500 people.

As delegates to a non-Presidential convention, the bigger purpose was to make some real changes to the party platform; specific issues included adding some kind of plank on Children’s Rights, as well as a resolution affirming the party’s support of civil rights (for gay people, as well as others). We proposed two things in this regard: a ban on discrimination by any government-related entity, and a push for decriminalization of all voluntary acts between or among adults, sexual or otherwise—regardless of how “deviant” some folks might consider such behavior to be. As long as consent was obtained and no force initiated (unless already “consented” to by all parties involved, as in a “BDSM” relationship), it was nobody else’s business.

The two campaigns meshed in a way, often causing pushback from the more conservative folks among the delegations. But in the end, we did pass a Children’s Rights plank (one that would survive almost intact for over 20 years) as well as a convention resolution affirming “gay rights” as defined above. There was also a march across the room by libertarian feminists, in support of the Equal Rights Amendment, featuring some of the leading women in the movement, and two men: Robert Anton Wilson and Steve Trinward! (posted 11/17/17 - SAT)

Staff and Committees

Walter Grinder, platform committee chair


  • The Executive Committee was renamed the National Committee
  • The maximum number of regions was increased from 8 to 10

Speakers, Panelists, and Honorees


Other Noted Events

  • William Westminster distributed a pamphlet entitled ON ACCOUNT OF TYRANNY
  • The IRA initially had a table, but was asked to leave after their $10 literature table fee was refunded. Their table had been singled out by a speech by David Nolan.
  • Aron Kay, pie-throwing Yippie, was present on a mission to pie Timothy Leary

Convention Materials


  • Most of the information in this article was found in Against the Wall, volume 5 number 10

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