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The Committee to Organize a Libertarian Party, sometimes referred to as the Committee to Form a Libertarian Party was the precursor to the modern Libertarian Party. It was formed to debate the desirability of a specifically Libertarian political force. It was founded July 17, 1971 by David Nolan, a Colorado consultant and businessman, and 4 friends to co-ordinate interest in a founding a US Libertarian Party.

It was preceded by several abortive attempts, including a Libertarian Party in California, a functional Libertarian party group in Florida that remains as the Libertarian Party of Florida, and a Libertarian Party formed in 1856 by Manuel de Lemos and J De Jacques which evolved into the Libertarian and Workingmen's Library.

Contrary to common belief, the Committee was preceded by groups such as the Radical Libertarian Alliance, and in foreign countries groups such as the extant Libertarian Alliance UK in promoting Libertarian political action. It dissolved upon the founding convention of the newly formed Libertarian Party, which soon attracted libertarians in the other parties, and began successfully running local and national candidates and promoting various initiatives according to its website.

It was dissolved in December of 1971 with the founding of the Libertarian Party. It was immediately followed by the first meeting of the temporarySteering Committee of the Libertarian Party which itself dissolved at the National Convention 1974 with the elective of the first Libertarian National Committee.

Committee Membership

* Founding member
This list is known to be incomplete. The complete membership comprised at least 199 members as indicated by the survey sent out to committee members to vote for the name of the new party which selected "Libertarian Party" with a vote count of 111 to 87.

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