Libertarian National Committee (2024-2026)

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The Libertarian National Committee controls and manages the affairs, properties, and funds of the national Libertarian Party. During the current term it consists of the four party officers, five at-large members, and eight regional representatives (along with alternates).


Portrait Name Position Tenure
Angela-McCardle-200x250.jpg Angela McArdle Chair May 27, 2024—present
Mrutherford.jpg Mark Rutherford Vice-Chair May 27, 2024—present
CarynAnnHarlos-2017-LNC.jpg Caryn Ann Harlos Secretary May 27, 2024—present
Redpath, William.png Bill Redpath Treasurer May 27, 2024—present


Portrait Name Position Tenure
Travis Bost Headshot.jpg Travis Bost At-Large May 27, 2024—Present
Steve nekhaila web-200x250.jpg Steven Nekhaila At-Large May 27, 2024—Present
Robert Vinson.jpeg Robert Vinson At-Large May 27, 2024—Present
AndrewWatkins2023.jpg Andrew Watkins At-Large May 27, 2024—present
Yeniscavich-Kathy.jpg Kathy Yeniscavich At-Large May 27, 2024—Present


LNC Regions 1-6 2024-2026
Light Blue- Region 1
Light Green- Region 2
Light Yellow- Region 3-North
Dark Yellow- Region 3-South
Red- Region 4
Purple- Region 5
Dark Blue- Region 6
Grey- No region (Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming)
Portrait Name Position Tenure]
Haman-Adam 2023.png Adam Haman Region 1 Representative May 27, 2024—Present
Roman-Garcia-LNC.png Roman Garcia Region 1 Representative May 27, 2024—Present
Andrew Chadderdon Region 1 Alternate 1 May 27, 2024—Present
Nick Shawhan Region 1 Alternate 2 May 27, 2024—Present
Jonathan McGee.jpg Jonathan McGee Region 2 Representative May 27, 2024—Present
Matthew Johnson.jpg Matt Johnson Region 2 Alternate May 27, 2024—Present
Dustin-Nanna-200x250.jpg Dustin Nanna Region 3 Representative - North May 27, 2024—Present
Hertzsch-Greg 2023.png Greg Hertzsch Region 3 Alternate - North May 27, 2024—Present
Paul Darr.jpeg Paul Darr Region 3 Representative - South May 27, 2024—Present
Keith Thompson Region 3 Alternate - South May 27, 2024—Present
Hays Meredit 2023.png Meredith Hays Region 4 Representative May 27, 2024—Present
AdrianFMalagon Headshot.jpg Adrian Malagon Region 4 Alternate June 17, 2024—Present
Alvstad-Gary 2023.png Gary Alvstad Region 4 Alternate May 27, 2024—June 17, 2024
Otto-Dassing-Profile.png Otto Dassing Region 5 Representative May 27, 2024—Present
Paul-bracco.png Paul Bracco Region 5 Alternate May 27, 2024—Present
Pat-Ford-1-200x250.jpg Pat Ford Region 6 Representative May 27, 2024—Present
Ben weir.jpeg Ben Weir Region 8 Alternate May 27, 2024—Present


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