Luke Zell

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Luke Zell
Libertarian Party of Colorado
Successor: Unknown
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian Party

Luke Zell was the first Chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado in 1972. He was also the first Life Member of the Libertarian Party.

The Libertarian Party was officially formed on December 11, 1971, at Zell's home, as a result of an ad seeking individuals interested in forming the group that was placed in Reason Magazine. Other meetings of the "Committee to Form a Libertarian Party" group were held at David Nolan's home and other locations earlier that year.[1] Zell was known as a "City Council gadfly" and fellow anti-tax advocate with Bruce Douglas of TABOR fame. He was the first Life Member of the Party.

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party of Colorado
  • Chair (1972-?)


Zell ran as an Independent for Governor in Colorado in 1974 receiving 136 votes (.02%).[2]