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Susan Nolan
Libertarian National Committee
Predecessor: David Nolan
Successor: Ed Crane
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian Party
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Susan Nolan was chair of the Libertarian National Committee from 1972 to 1974 and secretary from 1971-1972. She was also one of the five original members of the Committee to Form a Libertarian Party and was the first wife of David Nolan.

Involvement in Historical Preservation

Susan Nolan and Caryn Ann Harlos in 2018.

Susan current resides with her current husband Howard Turetzsky in Denver Colorado. After virtually disappearing from Party history for several decades, Bruce Griffith put the Historical Preservation Committee Chair Caryn Ann Harlos in touch with her and fellow committee member Joseph Buchman got in touch with her independently and a meeting was arranged for June 4, 2018 to collect her oral history. She remained a member of the National Libertarian Party up through the beginning of the 2000s but is now a Democrat.

Preceded by:
David Nolan
Libertarian Party National Chair
Succeeded by:
Ed Crane

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