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Walter Block
Personal Details
Birth: August 1941
Party: Libertarian Party
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Walter Edward Block, PhD (b. August 1941), Austrian School economist and author, was one of the first people to run on the Libertarian Party ticket, running for New York State Assembly in 1972.

Bumper stickers for his 1972 New York Assembly race read, "Block for Disassembly."

He has described the Non-Aggression Axiom as the linchpin of libertarianism.



This list is known to be very seriously incomplete


This list is known to be very seriously incomplete


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  • Synthetic Biology Does Not Need a Synthetic Bioethics: Give Me That Old Time (Libertarian) Ethics (2012), Ethics, Policy and Environment (2012)
  • Mathematics in Economics: An Austrian Methodological Critique (with Robert Wutscher and Robert P. Murphy), Philosophical Investigations (2010)
  • Anti-Discrimination Laws: Undermining Our Rights (with Javier Portillo), Journal of Business Ethics (c. 2012)

This list is known to be very seriously incomplete


  • New York State Assembly, 1972

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