Libertarian National Committee (2020-2022)

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The Libertarian National Committee controls and manages the affairs, properties, and funds of the national Libertarian Party. During the current term it consists of the four party officers, five at-large members, and eight regional representatives (along with alternates).


Portrait Name Position Tenure
Bishop-Henchman, Joseph.png Joe Bishop-Henchman Chair July 12, 2020—June 18, 2021
WhitneyB Profile Pic 2019.jpg Whitney Bilyeu Chair July 12, 2021—present
Moellman Ken new headshot.jpg Ken Moellman Vice-Chair July 12, 2020—present
CarynAnnHarlos-2017-LNC.jpg Caryn Ann Harlos Secretary July 12, 2020—September 6, 2020
Hagan, Timothy.png Tim Hagan Acting Secretary July 12, 2020—present
Hagan, Timothy.png Tim Hagan Treasurer September 6, 2020—present


Portrait Name Position Tenure
LauraEbke.jpg Laura Ebke At-Large July 12, 2020—present
Valerie Sarwark At-Large July 12, 2020—present
JoshuaSmith.jpg Joshua Smith At-Large July 12, 2020—present
Longstreth profile 2020.png Richard Longstreth At-Large July 12, 2020—present
Erik-Raudsep-2020.jpg Erik Raudsep At-Large July 12, 2020—present


Portrait Name Position Tenure
Francis Wendt Region 1 Representative 2020—2021
Chris Luchini Region 1 Representative 2021—2021
Chris Luchini Region 1 Alternate 2020—2021
Alex Flores Region 1 Alternate 2021—2021
Steven Nekhaila Region 2 Representative 2020—present
David Sexton Region 2 Alternate 2020—present
Dustin Nanna Region 3 Representative 2020—present
Jared Hall Region 3 Alternate 2020—present
Jeff Hewitt Region 4 Representative 2020—present
Tim Ferreira Region 4 Alternate 2020—present
Susan Hogarth Region 5 Representative 2020—present
David Valente Region 5 Alternate 2020—present
John Phillips Region 6 Representative 2020—present
Matt Bughman Region 6 Alternate 2020—present
Whitney Bilyeu Region 7 Representative 2020—July 12, 2021
Erin Adams Region 7 Representative 2020—July 12, 2021
Erin Adams Region 7 Alternate 2020—July 12, 2021
John Wilford Region 7 Alternate 2021—2021
Tucker Coburn Region 8 Representative 2020—June 2021
Rich Bowen Region 8 Representative June 2021—present
Rich Bowen Region 8 Alternate 2020—June 2021
Pat Ford Region 8 Alternate August 2021—present


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