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For the purpose of representation on the Libertarian National Committee, affiliate parties are grouped into regions, which are traditionally identified by a number. Since these groupings are set each time there is a national convention, although in many cases they do stay the same for a somewhat longer time, it is not necessarily the case that any particular state remains in the same region from term to term -- sometimes an individual state will be added or dropped, and occasionally a given number will get assigned to a completely different group of states. So "Region 7" is not really a permanent topic in its own right for most purposes, and most of the useful information about it can be found in the articles about the region that had that number during a particular LNC term:

LNC Region 7 (1972) DE MD NJ PA VA WV
LNC Region 7 (2008-2010) FL HI ID OR WA
region number not used during 2010-2012 term
LNC Region 7 (2018-2020) AL AR KS LA OK TX