Alex Flores

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Alex Flores
Region 1 Alternate
Libertarian National Committee
July 2021—
Predecessor: Francis Wendt
Arizona Libertarian Party
January 2021—
Predecessor: Jeff Daniels
Personal Details
Residence: Arizona
Party: Libertarian
Facebook: Facebook
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Alex Flores, is an Arizona native and proprietor of the mobile auto repair business, Greasy Porcupines. A Libertarian since 2012, Alex was elected the LNC Region 1 Alternate in July 2021. In addition to his role with the LNC, Alex currently serves as Secretary and County Development Committee Chairman to the Arizona Libertarian Party. More locally, he is Chair of the Navajo County LP affiliate. Honoring his Apache heritage, Alex founded the Libertarian Party First Nations Caucus (LPFNC) which is dedicated to attaining liberty and rightful representation for the 574 Indigenous sovereign nations in the United States, and seeing the world, at large, set free in his lifetime. Prior to his current roles, Alex served as the County Coordinator for 2016 Johnson/Weld campaign, Field Coordinator for the Elect Liberty PAC supporting Gary Johnson’s US Senate bid in 2018 and was the Arizona State Director for the 2020 Jorgensen/Cohen campaign.