Ballot Access for Libertarian Party Presidential Ticket

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The following is the status of ballot access for the Libertarian Party Presidential Ticket since the Party's formation:

Year Presidential Candidate Vice-Presidential Candidate Ballot Acces Status
1972 John Hospers Tonie Nathan
1974 Off-year Off-year
1976 Roger McBride David Bergland
1978 Off-year Off-year
1980 Ed Clark David Koch
1982 Off-year Off-year
1984 David Bergland Jim Lewis
1989 Off-year Off-year
1988 Ron Paul Andre Marrou
1990 Off-year Off-year
1992 Andre Marrou Nancy Lord
1994 Off-year Off-year
1996 Harry Browne Jo Jorgensen 22 States.
1998 Off-year Off-year
2000 Harry Browne Art Olivier 25 States. Due to a schism in the Arizona Libertarian Party, they placed L Neil Smith on the ballot instead.
2002 Off-year Off-year 26 States.
2004 Michael Badnarik Richard Campagna 26 States.
2006 Off-year Off-year 24 States.
2008 Bob Barr Wayne Allyn Root 27 States.
2010 Off-year [Off-year 27 Stjates.
2012 Gary Johnson Jim Gray 30 States Plus DC.
2014 Off-year Off-year 30 States.
2016 Gary Johnson Bill Weld 37 States Plus DC.
2018 Off-year Off-year 31 States Plus DC.
2020 Jo Jorgensen Spike Cohen 30 States Plus DC.