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Jo Jorgensen
Jo Jorgensen 2020.jpg
Personal Details
Birth: (1957-05-01) May 1, 1957 (age 66)
Libertyville, Illinois
Education: Baylor University
Southern Methodist
Clemson University
Occupation: Psychologist
Residence: South Carolina
Party: Libertarian Party
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Dr. Jo Jorgensen (born May 1, 1957) is an industrial and organizational psychologist who was the Libertarian Party nominee for President in the 2020 presidential election, and previously the nominee for vice-president in the 1996 U.S. presidential election, the running mate of presidential candidate Harry Browne. She also ran for South Carolina's 4th US Congressional District in 1992.

1996 Campaign for Vice-President of the United States

Jo Jorgensen was the running mate of Harry Browne during the 1996 presidential race.

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1996 United States Presidential Election
Party Candidate/Running Mate Electoral Votes Percent Votes
Democratic Bill Clinton / Al Gore Jr. (Incumbent) 379 49.24% 47,401,185
Republican Bob Dole / Jack Kempt 159 40.71% 39,197,469
Reform Ross Perot / Patrick Choate 0 8.40% 8,085,294
Green Ralph Nader / Winona LaDuke 0 0.71% 685,297
Libertarian Harry Browne / Jo Jorgensen 0 0.50% 485,759
Taxpayers' Howard Phillips / Herbert Titus 0 0.19% 184,656
Natural Law John Hagelin / Mike Tompkins 0 0.12% 113,670
Various Others 0 0.12% 113,667

2020 Campaign for President of the United States

On 13 August 2019, Jorgensen announced her candidacy for President, seeking the Libertarian nomination. On 23 May 2020, Jorgensen was nominated on the 3rd ballot during the May 22-24 portion of the Libertarian National Convention.[1] On 24 May 2020, Spike Cohen was selected as Jorgensen's running mate.[2]


Elected officials
  • Justin Amash US House Representative from Michigan's 3rd District.[3]
  • Gary Johnson, 29th Governor of New Mexico, 2012 & 2016 Libertarian nominee for President.[4]
  • Jim Gray,former Presiding Judge of the Superior Court of Orange County, California, 2020 candidate for the Libertarian nomination for President[5]
  • Josh Clark, Dale, Oklahoma School Board Member, Office #4[6]
  • Chris Powell, Bethany, Oklahoma City Council, 2018 Libertarian Nominee for Governor of Oklahoma[7]
Party Officials
  • Steve Dasbach, former chair of the Libertarian National Committee and former executive director of the Libertarian Party
  • Wyatt Ford, chair of the Waldo County Libertarian Party
  • Darryl Perry, chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire and candidate for president in 2016
  • Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee (2014-2020)
  • Barry Short, chair of the Libertarian Party of Utah
Other Individuals
  • Gary Nolan, radio host and Libertarian candidate for president in 2004
  • Adam Kokesh, radio host, author and candidate for the 2020 Libertarian nomination for President.
  • John Monds, Libertarian candidate for Governor of Georgia in the 2010 election, candidate for the 2020 Libertarian nominee for president
  • Larry Sharpe, business consultant, 2018 Libertarian nominee for Governor of New York and candidate for the 2020 Libertarian nomination for vice-president
  • Vermin Supreme, performance artist and candidate for the 2020 Libertarian nomination for president. [219]


2020 United States Presidential Election [8]
Party Candidate/Running Mate Electoral Votes Percent Votes
Democratic Joe Biden / Kamala Harris 306 51.27% 81,268,867
Republican Donald Trump / Mike Pence (Incumbent) 232 46.82% 74,223,755
Libertarian Jo Jorgensen / Spike Cohen 0 1.18% 1,865,620
Green Howie Hawkins / Angela Walker 0 0.25% 404,021
Various Others 0 0.4% 626,299

Preceded by:
Gary Johnson
Presidential Nominee
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Nancy Lord
Vice-Presidential Nominee
Succeeded by:
Art Olivier
Preceded by:
William Ray Pike
South Carolina 4th US Congressional District
Succeeded by:
April Bishop