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Jeremy 'Spike' Cohen
Personal Details
Occupation: Media personality, producer
Residence: South Carolina
Party: Libertarian
Website: media page
(Vice-Presidential campaign page)
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Jeremy 'Spike' Cohen Spike Cohen is an American business owner and politician running for the Vice-Presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party. He is the co-owner of Muddied Waters Media where he hosts two Internet shows, "(((My Fellow Americans)))" and "The Muddied Waters of Freedom." Cohen dubbed himself "Spike" at a young age due to his love of the character Spike from My Little Pony.[1]. He may be the first brony to run for Vice-President.

Personal Life

Spike Cohen was born in Baltimore, Maryland on June 28, 1982. He lived in the Baltimore area until 1988, when he and his family moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Spike started taking odd jobs during the summer as a young teen, and realized that he would prefer to be a business owner than to work for one. In 1999, at the age of 16, he started a web design company, Spike Cohen Internet Associates Of America, which he later named to spikecohen.com, Inc. in 2000.

Political Career

2020 Vice-Presidential Campaign

Spike Cohen is running as Vermin Supreme's Vice-Presidential running mate.

After having Supreme on his show (((My Fellow Americans))) in September of 2019, Supreme asked Spike to join him at the South Carolina Libertarian Party Convention in November of 2019. Two weeks later, Vermin, along with his chief strategist Richard Manzo and campaign manager Desarae Lindsey, asked Spike to be Vermin's running mate.


Elected Officials
Party Officials
  • Chase Oliver - Chair, Libertarian Party of Atlanta
  • Eric Mulder - Vice-Chair, Libertarian Party of Colorado
  • Steven Biggs - Vice-Chair, South Carolina Libertarian Party
  • Matt Hicks - 2nd Vice-Chair, South Carolina Libertarian Party
  • Shane Sweeny - Former 2nd Vice-Chair, South Carolina Libertarian Party
  • Susan Hogarth - Chair, Libertarian Party of North Carolina
  • Brent DeRidder - Vice-Chair, Libertarian Party of North Carolina
  • Joe Garcia - Executive Committee At-Large, Libertarian Party of North Carolina
  • Jennifer Luoma - Regional Director, North Idaho Libertarian Party
  • Tyler Smith - Chair, Pickens County Libertarian Party (SC)
  • Emily Hurtley - Interim Chair, Libertarian Party of Clark County (WA)
  • Anna Moshashvilli - Endorsement Committee Chair, Libertarian Party Radical Caucus
  • Justin Tucker - Communications Chair, Libertarian Party of Chicago
  • Dave Jones - Chair, Whiskey Region Libertarian Party (TN)
  • Andrew Jewell - Secretary, Libertarian Party of Dallas County (TX)
  • Darren Pollock - Chair, Libertarian Party of Guadalupe County (TX)
  • Jill Galvan - Political Director, Libertarian Party of Minnesota
  • Ben Boren – Vice-Chair, Libertarian Party of Michigan
  • Brandon Nelson - Chair, Libertarian Party of Solano County (CA)
Other Individuals
  • Spike the Dragon