President on the Libertarian Party Ticket

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Presidential and vice presidential candidates on the Libertarian Party ticket

There have been twelve presidential elections since the Libertarian party was founded in 1971.  The party's nominees have been as follows:

Year Candidate Running Mate
1972 John Hospers Theodora ("Tonie") Nathan
1976 Roger MacBride David Bergland
1980 Edward Clark David Koch
1984 David Bergland Jim Lewis
1988 Ron Paul Andre Marrou
1992 Andre Marrou Nancy Lord
1996 Harry Browne Jo Jorgensen
2000 Art Olivier
2004 Michael Badnarik Richard Campagna
2008 Bob Barr Wayne Allyn Root
2012 Gary Johnson James ("Jim") Gray
2016 William ("Bill") Weld
2020 Jo Jorgensen Spike Cohen