Eric Scott Royce

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Eric Scott Royce
Eric Scott Royce.png
At-Large Member
Libertarian National Committee
Region 7 Representative
Libertarian National Committee
Personal Details
Birth: October 26, 1951
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Government
University of Virginia
Occupation: Writer, Legal Researcher
Party: Libertarian
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Eric Scott Royce (born October 26, 1951) is a writer and legal researcher from Virginia. He is a former member of the Libertarian National Committee and known for The Royce Report on Congress, a scoring system that measured legislators' alignment with libertarian values by their voting records.

Early Life and Career

Eric Scott Royce was born October 26, 1951 to Henrietta D. and Robert R. Royce in Philadelphia, PA. Although Royce was raised in Delaware County, PA, he finished high school in Union County, NJ. Royce became politically active in 1968 as a member of the Westfield Youth for Nixon-Agnew in New Jersey.

Organizational Positions

Libertarian National Committee
  • At-Large Member (1974—1975)
  • Region 7 Representative (1972-1974)
Libertarian Party of Virginia
  • Executive Director (1974)
  • Editor, Virginia Libertarian newsletter (1973-1974)
  • Chair, LPVA Bylaws Committee (1980-1981)
  • Coordinator, Arlington LP (1981)

LNC Involvement

Region 7 Representative

Elected as Region 7 Representative in the fall of 1972, Royce helped organize Libertarian Party groups in Maryland, New Jersey, and his home state of Virginia.

Chair Candidate

During 1974, Royce campaigned for National Chair. His platform included fundraising for a permanent LP office in Washington, establishing more state affiliates, and preparing for the 1976 presidential election. At the National Convention 1974, he was defeated by Ed Crane.

At-Large Member

Later at the 1974 convention, Royce was elected as a Member-At-Large. He resigned and left to work in the Republican Party prior to the May 24, 1975 LNC Meeting in Chicago where James Blanchard was elected to fill his vacancy.