Blake Huber

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Blake Huber
Huber, Blake 2018.jpg
Legislative Director
Libertarian Party of Colorado
February 8, 2021—present
Libertarian Party of Kansas
Personal Details
Residence: Colorado
Party: Libertarian
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Blake Huber has had an interest in politics almost all of his adult life. In high school he used to argue voluntaryist principles. He's been active in political campaigns since he was 17 years old. He has had a career in management for over 30 years, managing apartments, over 1000 units, a motel, and a team of network engineers. He found out he was a libertarian when he heard Roger McBride, the second libertarian presidential candidate, speak in a radio interview. Blake has also served as the state chair of the Libertarian Party of Kansas and served on the Libertarian Party National Committee as the Region 7 Representative for the 1983-1985 LNC term.