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In only 5 1/2 months, the Libertarian Party has grown from less than 50 members to over 600. This growth rate is virtually unprecedented in the history of the “libertarian movement”; we are now tied with NRC for the number-two spot, in terms of membership, despite having been in existence less than half as long, and are surpassed only by SIL, which waS founded 3 1/2 years ago, as SRI.

In the last 30 days, our growth slowed to 30% per month, but we are nonetheless confident that we will be well past the 1,000 mark by June 15th, for two reasons.

First, we have a large display ad (slightly over 1/4 page) appearing in the May 30 issue of Human Events — which, we are confident, will bring in over 200 new members. And second, we have a mailing going out to 20,000 people this week, thanks to Ed Butler (former editor of Square magazine), and this should bring in at least another 200. Added to the members which will be generated by our ads in the May issues of Individualist, Reason, Win, and Unbound, and those joining as the result of recruiting efforts by present members, these two large influxes should result in an increase in membership of more than 100% by the time of next month’s Conference.

LP groups are now organizing in twelve states; of particular interest are the efforts in the following states…

California: The California LP now has over 100 dues-paying members, and a mailing list of nearly 300 people who have shown interest in the Party. Under the leadership of John Taylor, California Libertarians have set up a series of organizing meetings; John Hospers, tutor of the widely-acclaimed book Libertarianism, is scheduled to address the Party’s Southern California Conference on May 20th. Plans are underway to charter a bus to bring an estimated 50 people to the First National Conference in June.

New York: Membership in the Empire State is now 60, and growing rapidly; a mailing has been sent to 1,000 NYC Libertarians, urging them to attend a meeting on May 21. Other meetings have been set up for May 14th (Brooklyn) and May 17th (Manhattan). Speakers at these meetings will include Gary Greenberg, David Friedman, and NY State Chairman Ed Clark. The NYLP has formally endorsed Party member Guy Riggs of Poughkeepsie in his campaign for election to the State Assembly, and also plans to run someone for Congress in the 17th Congressional District (John Lindsay’s old stamping ground).

Texas: The Texas LP is off to a flying start, with approximately 30 members. Their first organizing meeting was held April 9th, and local representatives were chosen to get things going in the major cities throughout the state. Keith Jones was chosen to continue as Temporary Chairman until the Party’s first state convention, set for July 1st. Just published b y the TLP is the first issue of an exceptionally professional-looking newsletter, Renaissance News; typography was contributed by Party members Mary and Scott Tips, of Houston. another TLP, Linda Kenner, has donated some attractive posters, featuring the America Flag, and the slogan, “Capitalism, The American Ideal,” for fundraising purposes. $1 from Linda c/o WAC Co., USAG, Fort Hood TX 76544.

Colorado: State Chairman Luke Zell held an organizing meeting in Colorado Springs on April 26th, and about 20 people showed up, despite a blizzard (yes, a blizzard — we have funny weather out here). Colorado membership is now about 30, altogether. Tentative plans are being laid to run National LP Vice-Chairman Pipp Boyls for Congress.

Oklahoma: Another fast-growing group is the Oklahoma LP. With about 30 members to date, the Oklahoma crew is engaged in a membership drive, and is working on raising funds to pay for a billboard promoting the LP during the coming campaign. Oklahoma LP Chairman Frank Robinson, Tim Barrus, and Ron Harris came up to National HQ on April 29th for a day-long planning session, and left with a lot of ideas and material.

Illinois: Running a bit behind the “big five,” but coming on strong, is the Illinois LP. They’ve had two organizing meetings, and have 20 members so far — a number which they expect to double winning the month. Malians are being sent to over 500 Illinois libertarians, and further meetings are scheduled for May 21 and June 4 at the home of State LP Chairman Alan Neumann. In addition to laying plans for organizational efforts, Illinois LP members are working on suggested platform changes, to be presented at the National Conference; Winston Duke is leading the discussions.

Massachusetts: After a slow start, the Mass LP h as gotten off the ground, under the leadership of Paul Siegler; a press conference announcing their plans, and a state convention are planned for the next few weeks. The Massachusetts LP intends to support two candidates for office this year — Avi Nelson, and Objectivist-oriented Republican, running for Congress in the 4th District, and George Sommaripa, an anti-war Friedmanite Democrat who has joined the LP, and is seeking the Democratic Senatorial nomination to run against super-statist Republican Edward Brooke. Nelson’s campaign HQ is at 215 Newbury Street, Boston, and Sommaripa’s is at 8a Austin Street, Cambridge. ExecComm member Mark Frazier has produced an excellent brochure for the party, and will make copies for other state LP groups; send 25 cents for a sample.

Georgia: Just organized this month, the Georgia LP already has about 20 members, and will be presenting a workshop at the Southern SIL Conference in Atlanta on May 13th and 14th. Like Massachusetts and Colorado, the Georgia LP has printed up its own brochures, and is working on bumperstickers; for a sample, send 25 cents to Georgia Chairman Pasquale Giordano.

Michigan: Currently numbering about 20, the Michigan LP is expected to grow rapidly in the next two weeks; Pete McAlpine is holding an “open house” for Michigan libertarians on May 20th, which has been widely publicized via mailings, and notices in Reason and A is A.

New Jersey: Another brand-new organization, the New Jersey LP is still in its embryonic stages, with about 12 members. New Jersey has its state elections in 1973, and the NJ Party plans to concentrate its efforts on preparing for next year, according to NJLP spokesman, Fred Stein.

Utah: State Chairman and National ExecComm member Karl Bray has scheduled meetings with two libertarian groups in Utah this month, and expects to have 20 members by the time this Newsletter is published. Karl has also been promoting the LP on his radio show.

Connecticut: State Chairman Charles Curley, of Committee to Legalize Gold fame, is working with a dozen Nutmeg State libertarians to get things going; a press conference is planned for July, and the Connecticut LP expects to be working closely with that state’s Conservative Party.

Everybody’s Talkin’

… about the LP. The April issue of Outlook, the sprightly new journal of the Abolitionist Association, features a pair of editorials, pro and con, on the Libertarian Party. Taking the affirmative are Ralph Fucetola and Jerry Tuccille, with John Brotschol on the attack. Both editorials are well-written, although we wish our opponents would stop quoting our December membership figures as if it were current. If you haven’t glommed onto a copy of Outlook yet, send $1 for a three-issue trial subscription; their address is Box 1027, Newark, NJ 07101.

The May issue of Reason features an outstanding article by LP ExecComm member Mike Holmes, entitled “The Idea of A Libertarian Party”; for a copy of the issue, send 75 cents to Reason, Box 6151, Santa Barbara CA 93111. Mike’s article also appears in the just-issued “Libertarian Handbook,” which is an incredible bargain at $2, from Avenue Victor Hugo, PO Box 322, Manchester VT 05254. This 104-page guide to the “movement” tells you everything you always wanted to know about libertarianism… and maybe even some things you didn’t want to know.

We’ve also gotten write-ups in The Stars and Stripes, National Review, and even the JBS Bulletin, (not all favorable, but you can’t win ‘em all). Robert LeFevre, the “movement’s” leading advocate of copping out, has attacked us. SIL News and a is A have both carried several items. Even the New Banner, South Carolina’s answer to the Match. recently ran a big front-page story on our reply to Murray Rothbard’s comments in the Libertarian Forum.

So, whatever else you can say about us, you can’t say we’re being ignored. And this is just the beginning!

Formual for success: “a member a month”

There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, k than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things. - Niccolo Machiavelli, “The Prince.”  Chapter 6.




Eric Scott Royce, 1122-H John Street, Charlottesville, VA 22903


Pasquale M. Giordano, Apt 13, 578 Ansley Forest Drive, NE, Atlanta 30324


Paul L. Siegler, Gallatin E42, Harvard Business School, Boston 02163


Fred Stein, 26 Essex Street, Irvington 07111



Bruce Jones

New Address

Region 1 (WEST)

John H. Taylor, 1233 Pepper Tree Lane, Fallbrook, CA 92028


Charles R. Culey, LP of Connecticut, Box 1575, SMS Fairfield, 06430


Keith Jones, 1017 Speight, Waco, 76703



Whatever else you can say about this year’s political situation-comedy, you can’t say its been dull. Big Ed Muskie, all but anointed this winner in the Donkey Derby before it even began, has taken a bigger pratfall than any politician since Harold Stassen. Hubert Humbug, bucking the predictions of virtually every pundit save Yours Truly, has arisen from the political grave. And two gong-shots named George have managed to corral delegates in quantities nobody would have believed possible only a few months ago, despite (or perhaps because of) breaking almost every rule in the book.

There is nothing very amazing in any of this; we predicted, two months ago, that Hot-Air Hubert would eventually emerge as the nominee… and nothing has happened to cause us to take our bets off the old war-liberal. And, at the risk of sounding braggardly, we will give in to the temptation to point out why our track-record in p predicting political developments has been far better than that of other gurus within the “movement.”

In a nutshell, it is simply that, unlike most of our compatriots, we have been prognosticating with our brains, rather than with our bowels. Too many libertarians, motivated primarily by a near-psychotic obsession with “dumping Nixon,” have been chasing one will-o-the wisp after another, rather than looking at things as they really are. A year ago, these moonstruck individuals were banging the drums for Mark Hatfield. eight months ago, Proxmire was the man they were urging us to do batter for. Four months ago, it was Muskie (yes, Muskie). And now, no doubt, there will be a great hue-and-cry pushing McGovern as the “only answer to the Nixon problem.”

Now, it is just barely possible that McGovern will be some great feat of legerdemain manage to capture the democratic nomination. If he wins the California primary, it is not inconceivable that he might be able to keep Hubert from getting the nomination of the first two or three ballots at the convention — at which point, almost anything becomes possible. If, on the other hand, Hubert wins California, he becomes virtually unstoppable.

If you doubt this, remember that despite all the to-do over the primaries, approximately 1/3 of the delegates (or 2/3 of the number needed to win nomination) are from non-primary states — and most of them are from relatively conservative Southern and Western states, and therefore likely to favor Humphrey or Wallace, over McGovern.

Thus, the situation boils down to one of two alternatives. Either Hubert has it virtually locked up going into the convention, or there is a stalemate. And if the latter is the case, the man who stands to benefit most is not McGovern, but Teddy Kennedy.

Which brings us to a point we first raised two months ago — the relationship between McGovern and Kennedy. Is McGovern his own man, or merely a catspaw for the Playboy of Chappaquiddick? At this time, we will not attempt to prove a case either way, but will simply make some observations about the waterlogged one.

First, it hardly needs point out that, of all the possibilities we face, Teddy is by far the most terrifying. He’s on the wrong side of virtually every issue, from the economy to the draft, and possesses enough charisma that, unlike HHH or McGovern, he could probably actually implement many of his sick, totalitarian schemes; there are enough Kennedy sycophants in this country that Teddy could push the U.S. past the point of no return with little difficulty. and his personal tendencies toward tyranny and his total lack of morality are widely documented.

But, as we noted two issues ago, there is some doubt as to whether EMK actually wants the Presidential nomination this time; every indication points to his wanting the Veepship, rather than the top spot. And what's more, he's virtually certain to get it; HHH has already stated that teddy is his choice, and it seems more than likely that McGovern will match Hubert's offer, even if he isn't simply a catspaw for Ted.

Thus, upon analysis, it appears that the Democratic ticket will be either Humphrey and Kennedy, McGovern and Kennedy, or Kennedy and McGovern. And we challenge any libertarian to stand up and maintain, with a straight face, that any of these combinations is in any way an improvement over the repulsive pair we have in office now.

There has been much talk, among the dump-Nixon crowd, to the effect that we in the LP are "realistic" -- on the grounds that we cannot hope to prevent the Presidency from falling to either Tricky Dicky or hi8s Democratic rival this November. And indeed, we cannot. But this is not the point. Our purpose, in 1972, is not to help one despot defeat another; it is to provide a means for opponents of despotism to say "No" to both alternatives.

So, to our entities, we can only suggest that they stop and take a long look at the Democratic alternatives, and then decide whether they want to simply trade oppressors, and or whether they wish to join with us in creating a true "counterface" in American politics.

The Libertarian Party Newsletter is published on the 15th of each month, by the national office of the Libertarian Party.  Items of interest to political activists in the libertartian movement are welcome.  Editor: David F. Nolan



If you're planning on attending the First National Conference of Libertarian Political Activists, we urge you to get your registration in soon, for two reasons. First, because you save $5 if you register before May 31, and second, because the Raddisson Hotel is holding a block of 100 rooms, but only until May 31. Don't miss the boar; send in your registration today.


Anyone who would like to send material to the members of the Platform Committee, in order to let them study it before the committee convenes on June 15, may obtain a list of these individuals and their addresses by sending a postcard or letter to national HQ. Or, if you're not coming to the Conference, but have some ideas you'd like to have the Platform Committee consider, you can send a letter outlining your views to Platform Committee Chairman Pipp Boyls, 1415 N. El Paso, Colorado Springs, CO 80906.


All members of the National LP are receiving a copy of our new Political Action Manual with this newsletter. Any comments would be welcomed, and we'd appreciate your telling us if you spot any typos, so we can correct them in the second edition. Now that you have the Manual, you've got no excuse for holding back on organizing... so get going!


Enclosed you will find five postcard announcements of the Conference. Please teka few minutes to address these to five libertarians, and mail them off today.


LP organizations are not going in every state where we have a lot of members and/or contracts--except Ohio. We have about 20 members and prospective members there, but nobody has stepped forward to get things off the ground. Any volunteers?


While visiting LP HQ last month, Tim Barrus of Oklahoma decided to become the LP's first Life sustaining Member. We are honored that Tim, who is by no means wealthy, thought enough of efforts to make such a substantial investment. Do we hear a second?


While we're more than pleased at our growth to date, there is one area where things haven't been going as well as they should. For some reason, only one-sixth of our members are female. This may just reflect the general m makeup of the "movement," but we'd like to bring things into a closer balance--especially because we want to have women represented more equitably at the Conference next month. For this reason, we urge every LP member to make a special effort to recruit at least one women into the party for the next few weeks.


Despite our notice last month, nobody has up with a copy of the record "1984" by Spirit. So, we're raising the amount we're offering $3. Surely, someone has (or can locate) a copy of this record, which is probably the most powerful anti-statist recording of the last few years.


To the many LP members who contributed towards our ad in Human Events--with special thanks to Anne Clark of Massachusetts, Shirley and Pasquale Giordano of Georgia, Ron Harzog of New York, Dean Lansing of Colorado, and Ardell and Marion Taylor of Montano for their especially generous contributions.


Thanks are also due to LP Vice-Chairman Pipp Boyls, for his many hours of work on legal and financial aspects of party organization, and National Secretary Susan Nolan, whose office-management expertise has justly earned the LP the reputation of the most efficient outfit in the "libertarian movement." More than any other individuals, Pipp and Sue are responsible for the Party's efficacy.


An organization of American libertarians in Europe is being formed--CALIBER (Council of American Libertarians and Individualists Based in Europe). It is anticipated that most of the membership will be servicemen, students and businessmen, CALIBER will try to provide a means of communications for those libertarians through an occasional newsletter and social meetings. Military personnel interested should write directly to: SP4 Vincent A. Drosdik, PAO, USCOB, APO 09742. Others should contact Drosdik at: U.S. Public Affairs Office, 1 Berlin 33, Clayellee 170.


We have one hand about 300 buttons and 1,500 stickers, imprinted with the words "Laissez Faire," and a Libersign emblem. The buttons are 1 1/4 inch size, and the stickers are 2 inches square, with peel-off backing. While they last, you can have the buttons for 5/$1, 12/$2, 20/$3, 50/$6, or 100/$10. Stickers are 2 cents each, minimum order 50. Make checks payable to the Party.