Colorado Convention 2021

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2021 Libertarian Party of Colorado Convention
"Gold Rush"
Dates: May 21-23
Location: Golden
Venue: Denver West Marriott
Website: Website
Facebook: Facebook
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The 2021 Libertarian Party of Colorado Convention took place from May 21-23 2021 at the Denver West Marriott in Golden.


There was a dispute over the convention agenda between one submitted and then revised by the Board and Convention Committee and one proposed by members. The member proposed agenda was adopted.


Platform Committee

2021 Platform Report

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

2021 C&B Report

Fate of Proposals on Floor

Constitution and Bylaws

There were nearly two complete competing reports: one from the official committee and one from a member-formed committee. One of the issues on the floor was the order in which these proposals would be heard with the Convention Committee and the Convention Chair giving priority to the official committee. The member committee protested and won a vote of the delegates for what they considered a more equitable distribution.

Up until this convention, the Libertarian Party of Colorado had a separate Constitution and Bylaws. At the Colorado Convention 2019, the delegates directed the future committee to propose a merge of the two documents. This did not happen in 2020, and it was not proposed by the official committee. The member committee submitted a proposed merge which passed.


The delegates elected pass all but one of the committee's proposals in one vote with one proposal exempted for further debate which was passed with amendment. The member submissions also passed, with the Harlos proposal for the "Plain Language" proposal being accepted over the Hayman proposal. As has become tradition, there was joke proposal in the committee report, this year to build a wall along the western slope of Colorado and forcing California to pay for it under the title "Colorado's Bigly Wall."

Convention Minutes

LPCO Board Election Results

The following individuals were elected to the Libertarian Party of Colorado.

NOTA was a valid candidate for all positions.

Office Electee Other Candidates (if applicable)
Chair Wayne Harlos Victoria Reynolds
Margot Herzl
Vice-Chair Hannah Goodman Steve Gallant
Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos Mike Spalding
Treasurer Nathan Foutch Bennett Rutledge
Campaigns Director Greg Lauer Bruce Griffith
Outreach Director Ryan Kane
Affiliate Development Director Kyle Furey Michele Poague
Legislative Director Jennifer Nackerud
Membership Director Rees LaBree Beatriz Sutton
Fundraising Director Daniel Lutz Bette Rose Smith
Judicial Committee
Victoria Reynolds
Reyd Dotson
Bette Rose Smith
Steve Gallant
Raymon Doane

The Judicial Committee will be selecting its own chair.

Caucus Involvement

Both the Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus and the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus endorsed a published slate of candidates. The Libertarian Party Radical Caucus and Outright Libertarians had vendor tables but did not endorse any candidates.


At beginning of convention there was some controversy concerning this table signage which indicated reserved rows in the business hall for paid ticket holders with several members inviting convention volunteers to forcibly remove them from their seats.

Opinions on Convention

Caryn Ann Harlos released a video commentary [Not NPOV, her opinions only].

She also recorded the convention (not the complete record) in four parts:


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