Victoria Reynolds

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Victoria Reynolds
Libertarian Party of Colorado
April 29, 2019—May 23, 2021
Predecessor: Wayne Harlos
Successor: Wayne Harlos
Fundraising Director
Libertarian Party of Colorado
December 30, 2018—April 28, 2019
Predecessor: Roger Barris
Successor: Angela Kay Plummer
Personal Details
Education: City University of New York, Ziclin Business School MBA
Residence: Colorado
Party: Libertarian
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Victoria Reynolds is the former chairman of the Libertarian Party of Colorado[1], as well as a former Fundraising Director of the Libertarian Party of Colorado and chairman of the Denver County Development Group.[2]


Victoria Reynolds has been active at the local and state level since 2016, first as a volunteer coordination for Douglas county in the presidential election, then, as the chairman of the Libertarian Party Development Group of Denver. Prior to her election as Chairman Victoria held the position of Fundraising Director for the Libertarian Party of Colorado and has created a culture of monthly phone banking that she hopes to continue into the future.

Victoria primary objectives as Chairman of the party were to find the best resources for educating, empowering and engaging future LP leaders by focusing on winning races and building the LP from the grassroots up. With her background of creating frameworks and mechanisms of activation for activists, and affiliates; she hopes to bring the Colorado group into the limelight with her message of hope, teamwork and commitment.

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party of Colorado
  • Chairman (April 2019—May 2021)
  • Fundraising Director (December 2018—April 2019)
Libertarian Party of Denver County (Development Group)
  • Chairman (2017—2019)

2019 Campaign for Libertarian Party of Colorado Chair

On April 8, Reynolds announced her candidacy for Libertarian Party of Colorado Chair.