Bennett Rutledge

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Bennett Rutledge
Libertarian Party of Arapahoe County
2015—May 1, 2021
Successor: Kevin Ruskusky
Personal Details
Education: University of Arizona
Occupation: IT professional, accountant
Residence: Centennial, Colorado
Party: Libertarian
Republican (previous)
Facebook: Facebook

Bennett Rutledge is an IT professional and accountant from Centennial, Colorado. He is a previous Treasurer for the Libertarian Party of Arapahoe County having served from 2015-2021.[1]

On March 26, 2018, Rutledge was nominated by the Libertarian Party of Colorado to run for Colorado Secretary of State.


Rutledge began his political life as a Republican, back in the days of Eisenhower and Goldwater. He even became an officer in the Teen Age Republican Club at his high school. The first schism came when Bennett ran for delegate to the Republican Convention on an anti-Nixon platform, primarily because he had not ended the Draft as promised. Bennett received 26 votes.

Then he went away to college at the University of Arizona, where he discovered to his shock that he was a flaming liberal. The Nolan diagram (used today as the "World's Smallest Political Quiz") was the piece Mr. Rutledge needed to see the real picture.

In 2017, Rutledge ran for District 2 of the Centennial City Council.[2]

2017 Centennial City Council Campaign

Electoral Results

Centennial City Council 2017 Elections, District II[3]
Party Candidate Percent Votes
Non-Partisan Tammy Maurer 42% 2,527
Non-Partisan Doris Truhlar 28.8% 1,737
Non-Partisan Nancy Nickless 15% 903
Non-Partisan Bennett Rutledge 14% 848

2022 Colorado Secretary of State Campaign


  • Eric Mulder. Aurora Veterans' Affairs Commissioner. 2018 Candidate for Sheriff of Arapahoe County.[4]

Electoral Results

Party Candidate Percent Votes
Republican Pam Anderson 42.08% 1,045,582
Democrat Gena Griswold 55.10% 1,369,040
Unity Gary Swing 0.05% 11,458


Jan Kok 0.18% 4,591
American Constitution Amanda Campbell 0.71% 17,602
Libertarian Bennett Rutledge 1.47% 36,485
         Total Votes 2,484,758