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Greg Lauer
Greg Lauer and his wife Annette
Campaigns Director
May 2021—
Predecessor: Bruce Griffith
Personal Details
Birth: September 1968
Portsmouth, VA
Military: Army, 1990-1992
Occupation: Systems Engineer
Residence: Fountain, CO
Party: Libertarian
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: Twitter
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Gregory Matthew Lauer joined the Libertarian Party in January 2021 and became a volunteer for the Libertarian Party Historical Preservation Committee in April 2021. He currently lives in Fountain, CO.

Greg was born in Portsmouth, VA and became interested in current events and politics at a young age, even doing some volunteer work for the 1980 Reagan presidential campaign. Since then, he has served in the military (Army, April 1990 - December 1992), worked as a defense contractor, and dabbled in several small businesses in California, New Mexico, and Colorado.

In 2013, he was elected to the City of Fountain, CO city council, serving as a Council Member at Large, defeating a popular incumbent by a margin of eight votes. In 2017, he was unopposed in seeking a second term and in 2019, was selected by the other members of council to be the Mayor Pro Tem. He is term-limited in November 2021 and is considering running for other elected offices.

Although a long-time libertarian, he has been registered variously as a Republican, an Independent, or Unaffiliated. In January 2021, he registered as a Libertarian and formally joined the Libertarian Party (at the national, state, and county affiliate level) and is a member of the Mises Caucus.

Bio for Campaigns Director

Greg has been a lifelong libertarian and after a long and winding journey across the political landscape, he became a Libertarian at the national, state, and local level in January 2021. He spent 10 years working to recruit local libertarians and other liberty-minded people to serve on various commissions, committees, and positions in El Paso County, Colorado Springs, and the City of Fountain. Greg was elected to the City Council in Fountain in 2013 and was unopposed in seeking a second term in 2017.

As the Campaigns Director, Greg wants to continue to identify, train, and support candidates for the “typical” elections, such as the state legislature, the US House, the US Senate, the Lt Governor, and Governor. And Greg also wants to build a team with our experienced LP members and anyone else with the drive to help develop a sustainable, repeatable, and successful pipeline of Libertarians beginning at the “lowest” local levels (e.g. parks board, planning commission) and allowing good Libertarians to grow a “resume” of service and build their name recognition as they seek higher and higher offices. Greg’s intent with this approach is to give the LP of Colorado the best problem we could have…a DEEP pool of good candidates for EVERY office during every election.