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The following individuals have received or previously received the Libertarian Party of Colorado's nomination in the 2018 US Elections. The Libertarian Party of Colorado nominated candidates at the 2018 annual convention.


The following candidates been nominated to run for Public office under the Libertarian Party of Colorado's nomination. These candidates were selected by either the convention delegates at the 2018 Colorado Convention or their county affiliates.

US House of Represenatives

US House District 1
  • Raymon Doane, Tax Examiner with the Colorado Department of Revenue.
US House District 2
US House District 3
US House District 6
US House District 7

Colorado Executive Branch


Lieutenant Governor
  • Michele Poague, businesswoman from Aurora. 2016 Candidate for Colorado Senate District 29.[3]

Attorney General

Colorado General Assembly

Colorado State Senate

District 3
District 13
District 16
District 20
District 24

Colorado House of Representatives

District 1
District 16
District 28
District 29
District 31
District 33
District 35
District 39
District 56
District 60
District 63

Regents of the University of Colorado

District 3

County Elections

Arapahoe County


Jackson County

County Commissioner District 1

Washington County



Candidates who have withdrawn their campaigns.

US House of Representatives

Colorado's 2nd Congressional District

Colorado's 4th Congressional District

  • Bruce Griffith (filed to change party affiliation)

Colorado Executive Branch

Secretary of State
  • Raymon Doane, Colorado Department of Revenue (running for US Congressional House District 1)

Colorado House of Representatives

District 5
District 10
District 12
District 13
District 14
District 30
  • Jeff Wilson, software engineer from Aurora. 2017 Candidate for Aurora City Council.
District 50

Colorado State Senate

District 2
District 15

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