Ken Biles

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Ken Biles
Personal Details
Residence: Colorado
Party: Libertarian Party

Ken Biles is a third generation Colorado native. He grew up in a small area of unincorporated Adams County, called Shaw Heights. He still lives there, quite literally four blocks from the house he grew up in. The little neighborhood is surrounded by Westminster.

While he has lived in various places around the Denver Metro area over the years, unlike his opponents, he didn’t move here from somewhere else. He has lived in District 35 most of his life, so he knows firsthand, the changes that have happened over the last 50 years. He's lived through them.

His goal in running for office, is to help make the lives of the people of his district, and all Coloradoans better.

One of the ways he plans to do this, is by helping to create light regulation for the burgeoning Blockchain industry here in Colorado. The state is already a top area for Blockchain companies in the U.S., but without any regulation, in a field that is being more closely looked at by Federal Financial Authorities, these companies don't know if what they are doing will be regulated out of existence.

Ken understands the social and technical aspects of Blockchain, which is something no other legislator in Colorado, and probably the nation, can say. He can help guide Colorado into becoming a Mecca for this new and wealthy high tech industry.


  • U.S. Congress, Colorado's 7th district (2020)