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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 1861, it is best known for its science and technology departments, but it also has notable programs in fields like economics, management, and political science.

A number of early Libertarian Party activists, most notably founder David Nolan, were graduates of MIT. Prior to the founding of the LP, the student newspaper Ergo provided a libertarian / Objectivist perspective to the MIT and Harvard campuses.

Partial list of LP activists who attended MIT:

Name Graduation Course/Field LP Involvement
Steve Alexander 1978 15 / Management LNC member
Joe Dehn 1975 6 / EE & CS national Secretary, first webmaster, HPC member
Steve Givot 1971 6 / EE national Secretary
Dan Karlan 1973 7 / Biology LNC member
David Koch 1962 10 / Chemical Engineering candidate for Vice President
Andre Marrou 1962 10 / Chemical Engineering candidate for President
David Nolan 1965 17 / Political Science founder, national Chair
George Phillies 1968 8 / Physics Massachusetts state Chair
Dan Wiener 1970 6 / EE California newsletter editor, state Chair