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LPedia is an assert and website owned by the Libertarian Party National Committee who has delegated the administration and vision oversight to the Libertarian Party Historical Preservation Committee. The current Chair of this Committee is Caryn Ann Harlos who may be reached at caryn.ann.harlos@LP.org or through LPedia as user CarynAnnHarlos.

The Historical Preservation Committee is primarily tasked with the preservation of National Party items. However *LPedia is for State Party/Caucus/candidate archives* too! If any contributor wishes those items to be included in our master off-site document repository, please make arrangements with Chair Harlos. Due to the sheet scope of information to be preserved, the HPC cannot simply take boxes and boxes of information from hundreds (or thousands) of Party members. This is why such projects have failed in the past. It is more than the work of a few people; the hundreds of people with this information must archive and protect--LPedia provides the central platform to do so. However, any National Party items fall directly within the preservation scope of the HPC and anyone in possession of those items are encouraged to reach out to the Committee.

Volunteers are encouraged to head up historical projects in their own states/groups/caucuses to organize the preservation of these other historical items.

The Committee's email list is open for viewing by subscription (read-only) by sending a message to:


with "subscribe" in the subject line.