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Disclosures of Interest

Users may create and edit articles that concern groups, events, and issues for which they have a personal interest or involvement including articles about themselves. However, these interests need to be listed on the editor's User Page under a heading entitled "Disclosures" if not self-evident through the context of the article and a username that identifies the editor's off-line identity.

Note that User pages are separate from regular articles about the same people and care should be taken to create and edit each according to its intended purpose.

Edit Etiquette

If there has been recent activity by any user on a particular part of an article, please do not unilaterally undo or substantially amend their edits without at least trying to speak with them first. A note on the talk page for a week is usually sufficient time to wait. If you need to alert admins of an "edit war" or other difficulties in communication, please email lpedia@lp.org.


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