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There are important differences between LPedia and Wikipedia that have emerged since the start of LPedia in 2005.

LPedia Has Different Templates

If you're here from Wikipedia, you may need to familiarize yourself with our templates. Bug people like James Gholston to better document what templates we have here. Many serve the same functions as ones on Wikipedia but have different names and features. Others need to be created.

LPedia Has Different Categories

Our base category is Category:Main; every article, category, image, or file should ultimately link back to it. Our arrangement of categories is not based on the structure of Wikipedia in any way. Many things that Wikipedia considers important with its choices of categories and explanatory pages are of no interest to us.

LPedia Welcomes Original On-Topic Research

Reconstructing and presenting our history is our primary mission. Rules that impede this mission do not and should not exist here.

LPedia Is a Much Smaller Community

Please do not hesitate to contact someone on their talk page.

LPedia is not Viewpoint Neutral

Wikipedia practices strict NPOV (neutral point-of-view) editing. LPedia does not. We have a clear viewpoint and agenda: Libertarianism advocacy. There are disputes and controversies that happen as part of history, and there will be different perspectives on these. We ask that bare opinions be either designated as opinions or be obvious in context. Controversial material may be designated as such at the discretion of the Administrators. Material that some part of the Party may not like is not stricken if it is historically accurate. History is messy.

Practically Everyone and Everything That's On Topic Is Notable

If someone's time in a state party was completely undistinguished, they're notable.
If someone is basically completely forgotten, they're notable.
If someone ran as a paper candidate for a really obscure office, they're notable.
If someone was a member of a county party for a week and a half, they're notable.
If a candidate failed to make it on the ballot and wasn't even available as a write-in, they're notable.
If someone was an influence on the Libertarian Party or its creation, they're on topic and notable.
If a Political Action Committee fell apart without supporting a single candidate, it's notable.

Even if you can't write the article about any of the above that might be mentioned, please link to it anyway.

LPedia Has More Than One Licence

Since 2006 we have had more than one licence option at a time, and there has been some proliferation.

Our present default licence is CC-BY with attribution assigned to LPedia, but if you would prefer different terms for your new article, such as releasing to the public domain, or saving an about-to-be-deleted Wikipedia article, other options exist.

LPedia Titles are Capitalized as Titles

As opposed to Wikipedia, which capitalizes them as if they were all sentences.

LPedia Has Different Rules

We're trying to document these things in our policy pages. Not everything has occurred to us to document yet, however.

We Have Lists of Things To Do

We have a listing page of needed lists of needed articles, also known as bootstrap lists.

Less Stress

Let's above all else try to avoid becoming a source of wikistress.