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The Featured Articles component of LPedia highlights an article on the home page. Which article is featured changes from time to time.


Among the purposes of featuring an article on the home page are:

  • to present a more dynamic appearance to returning visitors
  • to highlight some topic that many users might find interesting but that they wouldn't otherwise easily find
  • to provide examples of types of topics on which contributors might want to work
  • to illustrate formats, styles, and techniques that authors/editors might want to emulate in other articles of the same type
  • to inspire contributors to create and improve pages that might be worth featuring in the future


Wikipedia has long featured an article on its home page. Our home page design was originally derived from the public domain Marspedia, designed by Dr Ian O'Neil, one of the main people behind the Seeker News YouTube channel; that wiki included a featured article.

Although we have had featured articles for most of the time that LPedia has existed, they haven't been changed often enough to properly serve the purposes outlined above, or as often as the featured articles on some other wikis. We have been working recently to address this issue.

Future Plans

The Historical Preservation Committee is in the process of developing a plan for switching Featured Articles more frequentiy. The following page documents the current status of this plan:

We welcome suggestions for articles to feature. You may add them to the list on the following page:

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