Tom Pinkhasov

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Tom Pinkhasov
Staten Island Libertarian Party
October 28, 2021—present
Predecessor: Richard Bell
Successor: Incumbent
LP Radical Caucus
May 2022—present
Predecessor: Tyler Smith
Successor: Incumbent
Personal Details
Occupation: Consultant
Residence: Staten Island, NY
Party: Libertarian Party
Twitter: Twitter

Tom Pinkhasov is a Libertarian activist and entrepreneur and the current Treasurer of the Staten Island Libertarian Party. Born in Brooklyn, NY and currently living in Staten Island, NY, he has worked on multiple Libertarian campaigns, projects, and events since joining the movement in 2020. He owns and operates a consulting firm specializing in political strategy, marketing, and fundraising. His primary specialization is producing events for fundraising purposes.

He categorizes his political approach as somewhere between Market Anarchy and Anarcho-Capitalism and is devoted to building coalitions between Libertarian and non-Libertarian groups through direct action, mutual aid, and issues-based collaboration.


Jo Jorgensen for President (2020)
  • New York State Coordinator (July 24, 2020-November 3, 2020)
Stacey Prussman for NYC Mayor (2021)
  • Director of Scheduling & Events (January 25, 2021-May 3, 2021)
Tony D'Orazio for LNC Chair (2022)
  • Campaign Manager (February 1, 2022-May 28, 2022)

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party of New York
  • Elections Oversight Committee Member - Rep. Judicial District 13 (January 9, 2021—June 30, 2023)
  • Fundraising Committee Member (November 6, 2021—present)
  • Youth Outreach Subcommittee Member (April 6, 2021—present)
Libertarian Party Radical Caucus
  • Vice Chair (May 27, 2022-Present)
  • State Coordinator for New York (January 2, 2022-Present)
Staten Island Libertarian Party
  • Treasurer (October 28, 2021—2022)
Spike Cohen
  • Social Media Team (December 10, 2020—present)
Vermin Supreme and Vermin Supreme Institute
  • Social Media Team (November 1, 2020—March 10, 2021)