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Libertarian Youth Caucus (LYC)
Established: 2016

The Libertarian Youth Caucus is a caucus of the Libertarian Party founded at the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania State Convention in 2016 by Trent Somes and is currently chaired by Aaron Sobczak of Virginia.

The Libertarian Youth Caucus is engaged in two main goals: policy promotion and chapter creation. Its central policy focuses include recruiting and utilizing Millennial and Generation Z Libertarians, advocating for youth's rights issues to be added into the Libertarian Platform, and building influential youth voting blocs in local and state party affiliates. It's second goal entails running affiliate Libertarian Youth Caucus chapters across the county on Middle School, High School, and College Campuses.

Organizational Structure

Members of the Libertarian Youth Caucus vote at each Libertarian Convention for a leadership team, including a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, two At-Large Positions, and five Regional Representatives. This leadership team makes up the Executive Committee which manages the national operations of the caucus. In addition, the Executive Committee can create other committees (for example, dedicated to membership, the bylaws, or communication) on which Executive Committee members and State Chairs are expected to serve. Committees are chaired by the caucus Vice-Chair, and the caucus Secretary acts as the secretary for each committee. Committees may also create subcommittees for specific purposes. After a policy put into place by then Acting Vice-Chair Theodore Gercken in 2021, subcommittees are the primary drivers of action on committees given their nimbleness caused by a smaller size. Now, general committee meetings serve more as check-ins.

The role of Regional Representatives is to manage and support State Chairs that serve under them at their pleasure. State Chairs aim to create, support, and direct local chapters on Middle School, High School, and College Campuses across their state.

Local chapters elect a Chair, a Secretary, and may also elect additional officers. The activities of local chapters are either driven by the elected officers (subject to a reversal by chapter members) or by consensus.

National Leadership



  • Theodore Gercken (2021-present)
  • Grant Deltz (2018-2021)
  • Aaron Sobzak (VA) (2018)
  • Matt Geiger (MD) (2016—2018)


  • Pietro S. Geraci (unknown-present)


  • Zach Lemaire (unknown-present)

Local Activities

The Libertarian Youth Caucus exists primarily to create and support chapters located on Middle School, High School, and College campuses around the country. These chapters are directed to also work with their local and state Libertarian Parties, and in many ways, the Libertarian Youth Caucus works as a managing organization for the youth wing of the Libertarian Party, although unofficial. The Libertarian Youth Caucus seeks to involve its members deeply in making action through official Libertarian Party Organs, setting it apart from organizations such as Students for Liberty or Young Americans for Liberty.