Judicial Committee (2016-2018)

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The Judicial Committee is the final avenue of appeal, giving due process beyond the LNC for several enumerated areas of subject matter jurisdiction.


Alicia Dearn, Gary Johnson, and Chuck Moulton were elected at the 2016 National Convention.[1] They were the only three candidates to receive a majority by approval voting. The convention had already adjourned, so the rest of the committee was filled by the elected JC members. Alicia Dearn served as interim chair because she received the most votes in convention.

The JC appointed Michael Badnarik, John Buttrick, Bill Hall, and Rob Latham to fill the four committee vacancies.[2] The full committee then elected Chuck Moulton as its chair.[3] Finally, it adopted rules of appellate procedure.[4]


There have been no appeals to the Judicial Committee so far this term.