Alicia Dearn

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Alicia Dearn
Personal Details
Education: University of San Diego (JD)
University of Washington
Occupation: Attorney
Residence: St. Louis, Missouri
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Alicia Dearn is an attorney from St. Louis, Missouri. In 2016, Dearn sought the Libertarian nomination for Vice President of the United States. After finishing 5th on the first ballot, Dearn endorsed Bill Weld.

In 2017, Dearn explored running a campaign for US Senate, but declined to run.[1]

On February 21, 2018, Dearn announced her candidacy for LNC Chair.[2] Dearn later withdrew her candidacy, resigned from the Libertarian Party, and joined the United Independents Party.

2016 Vice Presidential Campaign


  • Austin Petersen, founder of the Libertarian Republic, 2016 Candidate for President of the United States (endorsed at convention)
2016 Libertarian Party Nomination for Vice-President of the United States[3] 1st Ballot (50% of Delegates needed to win)
Name Votes Percent
William Weld 426 49.022%
Larry Sharpe 264 30.280%
Will Coley 93 10.702%
Derrick Grayson 48 5.524%
Alicia Dearn 29 3.337%
NOTA (write-in) 6 0.690%
Daniel Hogan (write-in) 1 0.115%
Gary Johnson (write-in) 1 0.115%
Austin Petersen (write-in) 1 0.115%