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This page is for the National Conventions 2024 Credentials Committee.

Read-Only Discussion List

Committee Members

Name Appointing Body First Alternate Second Alternate
Travis Bost Libertarian National Committee Jeffrey Pittel Alison Graham
Josh Hlavka Libertarian National Committee
Joshua Jongema Libertarian National Committee
Brittany Kosin Libertarian National Committee
Jessica Tewksbury Libertarian National Committee
Graham Brown Libertarian Party of California Loren Dean
Libertarian Party of Florida
Justin Carman Libertarian Party of New York Chance Haywood
Alison Graham Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Reece Smith
Billy Pierce Libertarian Party of Texas

States must make their appointments by 24 February 2024.

Data used for determination of state affiliates entitled to Platform Committee seats

Bylaws Provisions

1. There shall be a Platform Committee, a Bylaws and Rules Committee, and a Credentials Committee for each regular convention. The National Committee shall appoint a temporary chair of each committee to serve until each committee selects its own chair.
4. The Credentials Committee, composed of 10 members, shall be selected as follows:
a. Five members chosen by the National Committee no later than six months before a regular convention.
b. One member by each of the five affiliate parties having the largest sustaining memberships as determined for convention delegate allocations at the most recent regular convention. These shall be selected by each of the affiliate parties no later than three months prior to the regular convention.
5. Ranked alternates may be named by the appointing bodies to fill any vacancies or absences in the convention committees.

Calculations Per National Membership Rank

State Number of National BSM Members National Membership Rank Comments
Libertarian Party of California 1,810 1
Libertarian Party of Texas 1,310 2
Libertarian Party of Florida 940 3
Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania 860 4
Libertarian Party of New York 808 5

Interim Chair

At the August 2023 LNC Meeting, Josh Hlavka was appointed as interim Chair.

Permanent Chair and Secretary


Committee Meetings

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Town Halls

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Member Survey

Voting Record Spreadsheet

Proposals Passed


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