Loren Dean

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Loren Dean
Riverside County Libertarian Party
Predecessor: Gene Trosper
Successor: current
Personal Details
Education: MA History, Grand Canyon University
Residence: Riverside, California
Party: Libertarian
Website: https://www.lorendean.substack.com
Facebook: Facebook
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Loren B. Dean grew up in Riverside, California, and being naturally suspicious of established authority cast his very first presidential vote for Ross Perot in 1992. He discovered libertarianism while living in Perry, Oklahoma from 2007-2019, where he became one of the then-nine registered Libertarians in Noble County, Oklahoma. Upon his return to California in late 2019 he became active with the local county affiliate as vice-chair. He kept that office in 2022, but accepted the chair position when Gene Trosper had to vacate it for personal reasons. He relishes the fight for liberty, and in his own words, "plan to keep going until they throw me in a camp."

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party of California

  • Member, Judicial Committee: 2022-
  • Member, Platform Committee: 2022

Riverside County Libertarian Party

  • Chair: current
  • Vice-Chair: 2019-2022

National Convention

  • Delegate: Libertarian Party of California (Reno, Nevada, 2022)