Chance Haywood

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Chance Haywood
Finance Director
Libertarian Party of New York
February 19, 2023—present
Predecessor: Anthony Pellegrino
Successor: Incumbent
Libertarian Party of Manhattan
October 10, 2023—Present
Predecessor: Rebecca Lau
Successor: Incumbent
Staten Island Libertarian Party
February 11, 2021—September 12, 2022
Predecessor: Joe Portelle
Successor: Susan Cummings
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian Party
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: Twitter
Instagram: Instagram

Chance Haywood is a libertarian activist from New York. He is the current Finance Director of the Libertarian Party of New York and member of its State Committee since 2022. He is also the current Chairman, and former Treasurer, of the Manhattan Libertarian Party.

Haywood previously served as Secretary (2020-2021) and Chair (2021-2022) of the Staten Island Libertarian Party.

Political Campaigns

Organizational Positions

National Convention 2024
  • Credentials Committee, Alternate Member, Credentials Committee, representing New York
Libertarian Party of New York
  • Judicial District 1 Representative, State Committee (September 17, 2022-Present)
  • Finance Director (February 19, 2022-Present)
Libertarian Party of Manhattan
  • Chairman (October 10, 2023-Present)
  • Treasurer (September 13, 2022-October 10, 2023)
Staten Island Libertarian Party
  • Chair (February 11, 2021—September 12, 2022)
  • Secretary (December 13, 2020—February 11, 2021)