LNC Meeting 10 June 1973

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June 10, 1973
Strongsville, OH
Meeting Personnel
Presiding officer: Susan Nolan
Secretary: Georgiann Trammell
Minutes: Summary in the July/August 1972 LP News

Georgiann Trammell was elected Secretary, to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Diana Amsden. Winston Duke and Bill Westmiller were elected to fill vacancies created by the resignations of Pat Lowrie and Paul Hodgson.

$1,800 was appropriated for display ads in Analog (a co-op ad with Reason), Commentary and Human Events, plus classified ads in the Wall Street Journal and Intellectual Digest.

Ed Clark was put in charge of setting up a committee to review the National LP Constitution, in order to recommend changes in membership structure in '74, so that the need for dual memberships (national and state) can be eliminated.

It was voted to aid the NY and NJ parties in their current campaign efforts, by giving them full-page ads in Reason, allowing them to have inserts in LP News, and making mailing lists available to them.

Bids for the '74 Convention were taken from Dallas and Chicago, and the Fall '73 ExecComm meeting was set for Denver on November 24.


Strongsville, OH