LNC Meeting 24 November 1973

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November 24, 1973
Denver, ÇO
Meeting Personnel
Presiding officer: Susan Nolan
Secretary: Georgiann Trammell
Minutes: Summary in the January/February 1974 LP News

The LNC met on November 24, 197 at the Radisson Hotel in Denver, Colorado.


Denver, CO


Summary in the January/February 1974 LP News

The LP National ExecComm met in Denver on November 24th, with eleven of the 17 voting members present; about a dozen observers also attended. Affiliation petitions were accepted from LP organizations in Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Washington State, bringing the total of affiliate state parties to 28 (we've since lost Missouri, bringing the number back down to 27, plus four states still awaiting affiliation).

National Vice-Chairman Ed Clark was chosen to head the Platform Committee at the '74 Convention, with National Treasurer Pipp Boyls chosen PlatComm Vice-Chairman. Bill Westmiller was appointed to head the Constitution, By-Laws & Rules Committee. National Secretary Georgiann Trammell was confirmed as Credentials Committee Chairman; Winston Duke will serve as Co-Chairman. Texas LP's appointment of Guy Story Brown as Convention Arrangements Chairman was ratified.

Finance Committee Chairman Bob Meier spoke on fund-raising possibilities; he will present a comprehensive report on possible Special Projects--including a film about the LP--at the meeting of the new ExecComm this June. $200 was appropriated to finance legal research by Gary Greenberg, to find out more about election laws in every state. $100 was appropriated to Scott Royce, to use in fighting Federal financing of elections. $900 was appropriated for magazine advertising.

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