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The My Ego Times

Failures of the Libertarian Parties in the Past.

00.00 Pragmatism. What I have called the coward's practicality; pulling a Ron Paul.
01.00 Drug War and Law Obsessions.
01.01 Confusing the drug war with the war on drugs.
01.02 Fact is a: the drug war is one where the gangs, let say the DEA vs. the Mob vs. Canadian M.P./US Marijuana Reform Party; and the War on Drugs is like the "War or Counter Attack on...." anything: it becomes an excuse, well self justification, to violate rights of anyone. Not unlike the use of Spychiatry or Behaviour modification using unprovable disorders such as Schitzophrenia, a war on free thought doesn't sound as good as "caring for the mentally ill," though and ironically forcing drugs on people, a sort of, "war on not doing drugs (of the states choice."
02.00 Focusing on the presidential race, when they should avoid executive branch candidates, perhaps inspire and even run a Q & A on independent runs and focus on caucus building. Running more congressional, senate, county reps, council candidates, et al....
02.01 Candidates lack the right bitching about the media and hollywood who seems to give no damn thought towards candidates, policy, and even parties who by their or its views fight and support constitutional freedom and instead fight on the side of the politics of the NSA and other Statist oppressors.
02.02 How do you write, act, and report the true facts without freedoms like speech? This is the attitude that leads to Cruise chasing an actress of her gig by prostletising Scientology when he should have been fired for creating a hostile work environment. Where is the EEOC Now?
03.00 This segway and ironic use of that word segway is perfect for this issue, distancing one self from scientology, mental health teams and finding members and removing them who have been a link to them and these groups as well as the CIA couldn't hurt. There is a lack of interest in Mind Freedom issues. Not distancing has been a problem, all links to this is a problem.
03.01 Actually one good drug point, is that if the FDA has to clear Mary Jane first what about the SoC's Vitamine Sauna?
04.00 National Sales (and Service) Tax? Have your read the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Tarrifs and Duty on Foreign Goods (or Excise) taxes are only permitted and expanding such a (federal) power is not.
05.00 Oh and what idiot suggested using the Pinko Nederlands as a model state? The Orange Statists? Theocratic Parties, Fines for Rape and Murder, Child and Animal Porn, oh but sometimes its Adult Prostitution and Marijuanna "tolerated." Oh boy, that's great when someones walking in your house to check to see if you have too many luxury items and need to be taxed.
06.00 The Canadian Libertarian Party ignores things like City Council, something that can be a major success for them in some States.
07.00 Borders are unnatural they say (some "Libertarians"), yet is this not what a property line is? So does this view support a foreigns Nation's option to claim imminent domain on another country and/or it's market.
07.01 How does a Libertarian support no borders and property rights? At the same time, I guess the same ones that support the legalization or "decriminalization" of a mind control drug with the added introduction of a new sin tax find this easy, but in no way can any of that be Libertarian.
07.02 The libertarian parties have often failed to attack sin taxes in any profound way.
07.03 How can any Libertarian miss the fact that a tarrif or excise on foreign goods and services is like sale or user fee on the use of the American Market place.
08.00 Harry Brown, his best stuff was the fiscal position, what did he do? Waste his TV ad. on the drug issues.
09.00 Espionage, wake LP, LPCA, LPBC, LPWA and so on. What about Espionage, this issue is failed, maybe because the rank-in-file may have some credibility on this but the establishment may look like pot head sin taxer.
10.00 I noticed that the LP establishment easily got on 911 and "support the troops" band wagon; when did "following orders" become and excuse for violating the constitution. Other bandwagons possibly as well.
11.00 This place has a great disclaimer but where are "Libertarians" on intellectual property, why do they stand by while it is stolen or corporations copyright items that individuals create. Only an individual can create an invention, art piece, etc.... Collectives can not, so all collective organizations who copyright an individuals work are committing fraud, they did not create squat; that individual who may or man not work for them did.
12.00 This is the worst kind of discrimination, not just to partisan Libertarians but anyone with an "undesirable" view; it always seems that Liberalism desires to defend "diversity," unless it's philosophical or of opinion. Yet this is hardly challenged; why is debate exclusion not considered a violation of freedom of speech and to vote for who you want not the select few influencing media reporting and debating? Sure there's the occasional suit, but I hardly see a "libertarian" by partisan, or the party, state the case that the Pressaganda and Debate Organizers deny themselves the right to speak.
12.01 Quote:"[To My Fellow-Citizens of the United States of America I put the following work under your protection. It contains my opinion on religion.] You will do me justice to remember that I have always strenuously supported the right to his own opinion, however different that opinion may be to mine. He who denies another this right makes a slave of himself to his present opinion, because he precludes himself the right of changing it." -- Thomas Paine, The Age Of Reason.
13.00 What kind of Libertarian runs for the School Board? Government Schools are the enemies of Libertarians, hey why not collect an art grant for your set of macarony krafts while your at it.
14.00 The American Revolution isn't over! All parties act as if it is, Revolution is more maintenance than it is War, yet even the LP fails to remind everyone of this and the true arch-nemesis of the United States of America. ENGLAND!


BCLP Election History

The my Ego Times LPBC Election Results....
BC Election 2005



The Failure of Socialized Medicine.

The My Ego Times
What a peach democrats say, and this may help Libertarian views on the matter well; the Allen Keyes perspective was right, you start with some thing that seems alright and once you are comfortable they roll it (services) back.
It happens now. The communistas called the NDP-Liberal Party of BC (after slight improvements - BC Liberal) made this argument a pissing contest, not only did the NDP state that appointed a chief surgeon who botched my first hypospadius repair in Toronto; but now, after enjoying some of the medicine that was allowed under Social Credit rule the current services are collapsing, now many of the things I was even told not to do by my previous surgeon is now the only option becuase of long waits and a cheep state.
Not only do I have to dialte myself causing great mental stress and isn't very easy to do in a small apartment, I also have to be responsible for removing my Catheter bag. It gets worse and worse, what's next total suspention or ban on the Hypocratic Oath like the Soviets did?

Superego, How I deal With My Mental Health Care, In This Regard.

"An underpaid doctor is a dangerous thing." -- Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richards Almanac.


The My Ego Times

18 June 2003 An autobiography by Hubert Jongen

Dutch libertarian Pim Fortuyn (A Libertarian Martyr?)

The My Ego Times

Holland : Fortuyn's real killer : The authorities know but do not show.
Pim Fortuyn Search
Lijst Pim Fortuyn
His Nationalism (or Border Protectiveness?)

Vancouver, BC (Philosophical or Partisan Rankings)

The My Ego Times
2005 - Mayor
BUDAY, Gölök Zoltán; Inde.; 384
2002 - Mayor
BUDAY, Gölök (B.J.); Inde.; 222

Mayoral 1996
Golok Zlf BUDAY; Inde.; 42
Frrankly I've been the only one known from the Centre of Libertarianism, or even close, Emery has been known to show support for the Communist Light Party, AKA the NDP and only obsesses on drugs and uses an occasional convienient Libertarian position and has been blamed for the damage to the Canadian Libertarian Party. Samantha Foxx, if she's the one I am thinking of, has a dancing career that would be consistent for this philosophical scope but you never know and she could be a choosie position from the left or right on other issue, she recieved 57 votes in 1996 and a free beer from Brian Salmi a big government aide in Terminal City at the time.
This Year Is No Different.
2005 - City Council/At-Large BALLANTYNE, Beverley; VancBC-Council; Inde.; 2005; Poss. Libert Leanings


Proposal and/or Suggestion

Subject: Proposal and/or Suggestion

[Non-Styled E-Mail Preferred Especially @ my boxes I have that filter much of the tags at the server.]

One is my interest in seeing both Heddy "Where's the fire" Fry and Svend aka Bend "Seperation of Church and State when it Suits Me" Robinson.
given a run for their money as well as possible. I don't live their but would if I suffered a win, but would also run it as a political opportunist campaign, I am going to refuse to pledge allegance as a main issue and make points if in it, and I am going to admit Mayor of Vancouver is a primary interest, but as an offer.I am willing to swallow my pride and run; I don't have a grand or the capacity for an Auditor, possibly an ad here and there; but I am mainly being courtious to a Libertarian Party as an contributor and an Individualist.

A few planks I might suggest as a good pre-election start.....
1) Challenge, legally, the anti-democratic filing fee and auditor requirement placed on individuals who want to run for MLA/MP/Leader/Other.
2) Perhaps start up a decentralized LP of CA with Provincial Affiliates with an interest in both Federal and Prov. Camps.
3) Perhaps maybe multiple LP Candidates with differing agendas, because lets face it when your a bunch of Libertarians what are the chances we can stay non-hostile politically within; maybe a series of Individualist Campaigns in each riding would make more sense, as if they were somewhat independent under the LPCAN banner. Some of are more nihilist, some more centred and some of us are will pull a Ron Paul when given a chance.
4) I find it funny, that despite the LP wins in the US Municipal Elections why LPs haven't parties there in CAN.
5) Campaign for a write-in vote system and an ink pen for voting. Ever wonder why they use Pencil in Fed and Prov. elections?
6) Change all office nominations to the requirement of one nominator and one to second the motion of the nomination as is more to the democratic tradition. All that time on 25-100 signatures is not a healthy absortion of time and forces great bureacrasy on campaigns. It's bad enough in some that have only 2 required.

Some more info (warning, I am no proof reader.):

I'll find some way to run anyway, just to say thief a few times, but I am offering this opportunity from a staunch individualist.

Just few thoughts,

Got Payraise?

Gölök Zoltán Buday (for Mayor Nov. 19th, 2004 to Nov. 19th, 2005/2002/1996)
"It's cute how you think I am listening." -- Jim Benton's "It's Happy Bunny."

!A crisis in Canada's LP: "Still, it all costs money, said Jean-Serge Brisson, Libertarian leader!!

The My Ego Times/Voltairian News Wire

A crisi in Canada's LP!

".....Also, the $1,000 deposit candidates must pay is now refundable.

"Still, it all costs money, said Jean-Serge Brisson, Libertarian leader, who is having trouble putting together funds to help candidates pay their deposits.

In addition to scraps of money, the fringe parties are really aiming for marginal votes....."

CTV Reports.

Gölök Zoltán Leenderdt Franco Buday Contact Info

Canadian Laws Keeping All From Enjoying Democrasy,

The My Ego Times and Voltarian News Wire/Service

$1000 and the time to collect 100 signatures all that cost a shit load up front in time, money, man power and much of it away from work in a very short election period, only 2 signatures and no more tha 25 dollar that has already been stolen from the government in outrageous taxes so that everyone can hire their boys.
Oddly enough this system is keeping Libertarians out who would normally fire these "boys," if principled and not ready to pull a "Ron Paul," and become a Tory.

This would violate the US Constitution, does violate the Canadian one in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms guaranteeing everyone an opportunity to sit in the house of commons; oddly enough the vow to the crown may violate this and the rights of Catholics and Jews and anyone else not suppose to hold high authority to the crown. The BC Civil Liberty Association Avoids this issue, claiming that the Elections Act, that violates the #1 laws and definition of democrasy (which notes that there is no class system) by allowing social, partisan, and fiscal class to rule and not voters.

Since I am on the issue of the BCCLA they too do not seem keen on discussing REV. Tim Stevenson, REV. Val Anderson (now PMP/Mary Jane Obsession Party candidate, REV. Davin Ouimet, Theocrat) and find no interest in persuing this as an attack on the faith of all non-protestants and an funding of their ministries throught their political pay if elected; oddly enough the Left (like the Democrats Nixon Council Congressman, a Jesuit Priest) seem fine with these candidates; all be it the Constitution Party in 2004 and Republican Party with Fat Robinson have not been perfect, yer those tend to be the ones more inclined to theocrasy, conservatives. THEOCRATS KILLED JESUS! Not Jus.

However, back to the issue about the election issue, here are some legal links....
[ 2. Fundamental freedoms
(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;

Democratic Rights
Democratic rights of citizens
3. Every citizen of Canada has the right to vote in an election of members of the House of Commons or of a legislative assembly and to be qualified for membership therein.]

Former Three TIme Mayoral Candidate for Vancouver, Gölök Zoltán Buday (95,02,05)

Canada's Sweeping Law to Spy on Canadians

The My Ego Times

[ Canada's Sweeping Law to Spy on Canadians

November 2005

Canada prepares a sweeping law to spy on its citizens called The Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act.]

Gölök Zoltán Leenderdt Franco Buday

Joining the Libertarian Party, Candidacy, and Drafting in AmeriCanada.

The My Ego Times and Voltarian News Wire

---The LPCA is worth joining if you believe in the voting member principles.----

[ Libertarian Party Statement of Principles We, the members of the Libertarian Party, support the following principles:
1. Each individual has the right to his or her own life, and this right is the source of all other rights.
2. Property rights are essential to the maintenance of those rights.
3. In order that these rights be respected, it is essential that no individual or group initiate the use of force or fraud against any other.
4. In order to bar the use of force or fraud from social relationships and to place the use of retaliatory force under objective control, human society requires an institution charged with the task of protecting individual rights under an objective code of rules. This is the basic task of, and the only moral justification for, government.
5. The only proper functions of government whose powers must be constitutionally limited, are:
(a) Settling, according to objective laws, disputes among individuals, where private , voluntary arbitration has failed;
(b) Providing protection from criminals;
(c) Providing protection from foreign invaders.
6. As a consequence of all the above, every individual, as long as he or she respects the rights of others, has the right to live as he or she alone sees fit, as a free trader on a free market.
Our Constitution provides for two types of membership – Member and Voting Member. Only Voting Members may vote at Party conventions, hold elected office or appointed positions in the Party or run as candidates for the Party.

best remove # and make it @.

It is the best thing there, frankly it's a place where members can stick together and be hostile to one another as well, reminds me of my Hungarian household. Heh.


[ Treatise]
[ How to conscribe/draft a candidate.

He needs an accountant-auditor/one grand (refundable)/and 100 Signatures. S/He needs it couriered or mailed to him or her; maybe hand delivered with his agreement to run; best he talk to the auditor to make sure it is paid for and what is owed, now why they don't do it as a civic duty is beyond me. Maybe Elections Canada should pick up the tab.



[ The issue here. given time and money and even more money with silly accountant needs, drafts may be the bsst hope since some of use are more philosophical and therefore rather do this than run for office

There is always a silver or gold pen and a write-in vote. Also with drafts, all can be ready but they (the candidate) still have to sign their papers.]

Oddly enough Geddes, said "No, and we do not intend to," when I asked him if he was ever going to put the check through and put the membership through, since he was seemingly leaving it in limbo rather than sensing it back, it was almost a year of date and therefore almost useless..

This violates theres, A person may apply to the directors for membership in the Party and on acceptance by the directors shall be a member, why he'd admit to getting it, I have no idea. Until recently, seemingly (where they chop it from the form) they had an additional rule where they'd exclude people with prejudice (or could) even when supporting the principles, something the lpc opposes, and seems offly silly and not to above board.

[ Frmr. Three Time Mayoral Candidate for Vancouver and One Time Campaign Mamager, Gölök Zoltán Buday
Publisher-At-Large of the My Ego Times and Voltairian News Wire/Service]

VE LPC Contact Page

Paul Geddes and Libertarian Intolerance And Black Listing.


To: Paul Geddes <gedswest(a)> Subject: Re: The "write-in" factor. Bcc: Many

John Clark(e) again?

At 16:01 12/16/05, you wrote: > We did not cash your cheque and won't.. We have a candidate already in
> Vancouver Centre.
> Paul Geddes

I know you didn't, but "won't?" A tad hostile comming from someone who is a voting member on the basis of supporting property rights but does not believe in borders at the same time; what do you think a property line is?

Thanks for telling me. Oh and a good word for your candidate will not happen either or this Michael Valentine Smith (a sci-fi wierdo appearently) Libertarian establishment you have festering in the under-belly; now despite the fact I thought Clarke focused too much on the drug issue, I was more likely to back him then a Work Less Party Candidate on Party grounds, but with a SZar Fusz like you as leader and president I am not sure there is a real Libertarian Party, not to mention the fact that the Candidate all-in-alll puts little into it and was less impressive then the lefter party's Volberg; I had nothing against him personally, in 1996 both our campaigns (I the manager) swapped signatures in the interest of democrasy.
This is why I will gladly still have your candidate on site's information section and any statements unedited added if an introduction is made, by the way the webmasster may need to know this, because BC isn't even mentioned.( not to mention which lists no LPCAN Candidate.
Federal end hasn't told me yet either, maybe they don't support your hand picking. BC would be better off with someone more statesman like, such as Wayne Mardsen than you as a party president or Riding president, or as you seem to see it, over-lord. Maybe you were the reason he was with Reform BC in 1996 as well. I never asked you anyway, I wanted to keep you out of the loop to begin with. Given your attitude.
Oh I support the "voting member" principles, what reason do you have to not want me there, are you this "Liberator" from news:alt.politics.libertarian or something and presume I might be infiltrating for the jus (commonly jews as in jewdaism)?
Mext time have an open and honest black list so I do not waste my time filling out forms and checks, my hands are bad enough with seizures on these robotic tasts as it is, oh and it causes pain to do them as well, my motor co-ordination difficulties cause me more work (Effort v Force) to do the robotic tasks than it does for those without them.
I did not endoce Volberg, I just picked her as the best runner among cripples, I endorced myself as a forced write-in.

This matter, however, does not concern you; well didn't, how'd you even get this information?

Got Payraise?

Gölök Zoltán Buday [for Mayor Nov. 19th, 2004 to Nov. 19th, 2005]
Three Time Mayoral Candidate (96, 02, 05) and Editor-Aat-Large/Owner of "The My Ego Times."
"NDP must stand for NAFTA Delivery Program." -- Gölök Z. L. F. Buday; The Black Jester Himself. To clarefy, the late comedian, Richard Pryor was called the Jester of Black Comedy, not The Black Jester as a recent book stated, I am The Black Jester comedically among few other alter-egos. -- GZLFB
"Delusion has been defined by some as a strongly held belief not held in popular thought, so essentially we have pollsters and pop-culture marketeers deciding what is delusional and what is clear thinking, not [even] psychiatrists." -- Black Jester, aka Gölök Z. L. F. Buday.<

----- Original Message ----- From: ""Gölök Z.L.F Buday Candidate for Mayor of Vancouver BC"" <candidacy*>
To: "LP Leader" <>
Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2005 4:59 PM
Subject: The "write-in" factor.

[Non-Styled E-Mail Preferred Especially @ my boxes I have that filter much of the tags at the server.]

I things don't meet the deadline, I was planning to run as a forced write-in vote; to protest the expense in time and money which is money and more money. Imagine 10 dollars an hour collecting a hundred signatures, presuming this is what you'd pay someone and I think this is what the "big boys" pay their signature collectors. It would take a while.

Anyway, I am still willing to be the Vancouver-Centre Candidate no matter what I lived most of my life their and my father does now in Kitsilano. None-the-less, the auditor, time for sigs, and deposit seem dire to me, and contributing as a ballot candidate isn't likely from my efforts, since frankly I prefer the Mayor seat and I am not crazy about running mostly beating Fry to the ground and Robinson plus making a good showing to for the LPCAN.

Anyway I plan on being an active write-in candidate, with signs a site and maybe handing out the silver gel pens, the ballot is spoiled anyway. If I do this in Van-Centre, will the LPCAN support me in this protest as their write-in Candidate? It's a totally unregulated run because there is no ballot entry for a write-in. So it's "free reign," and I can do what the fuck I want with this.

Maybe others can do this in other ridings, perhaps this revolutionary idea can bring about an official write-in ballot spot which carries, traditionally no cost but the time to fill out a campaign financial disclosure form. Now that can't be forced.

Perhaps, my old neighbour Mr. Clark needs to be involved, but I do not think he's got an e-mail address.

I am not a LPBC member, largely because the fools likely didn't check the mail, the check is out of date by now and never went through, oddly enough I hope the forms I sent make it alrught and everything is cashed nicely. Hmmm, never got a card, not even for print out.
Frankly it's likely because Paul Geddes has a chip on his sholder over the fact that I pointed out that a property line is a border and therefore to not support borders is to oppose property rights, even if it is a birth right.

Got Payraise?

Gölök Zoltán Buday [for Mayor Nov. 19th, 2004 to Nov. 19th, 2005] Three Time Mayoral Candidate (96, 02, 05) and Editor-Aat-Large/Owner of "The My Ego Times."
"NDP must stand for NAFTA Delivery Program." -- Gölök Z. L. F. Buday; The Black Jester Himself. To clarefy, the late comedian, Richard Pryor was called the Jester of Black Comedy, not The Black Jester as a recent book stated, I am The Black Jester comedically among few other alter-egos. -- GZLFB
"Delusion has been defined by some as a strongly held belief not held in popular thought, so essentially we have pollsters and pop-culture marketeers deciding what is delusional and what is clear thinking, not [even] psychiatrists." -- Black Jester, aka Gölök Z. L. F. Buday.

> At 15:28 12/14/05, you wrote:

Canadian Libertarian Party Candidates.

The My Ego Times

Canadian Libertarian Party Candidates in 2006 No-Confidence Special Election

Note: The British Columbia end of the party is very jack booted at the moment, but none the less, not only are there candidates in more than one province (3 so far) it's stretching from Quebec to BC where-as Quebec Block Party has been given a seat in the leadership debate and the LP, Greens and other Party's in more than one province are denied.

Gölök Zoltán Leenderdt Franco Buday
Canadian Federal Elections

Libertarian Party of Canada Results 2006.


Vancouver Kingsway
Libertarian Matt Kadioglu - 277 - 0.6
Vancouver Centre
Libertarian John Clarke - 304 - 0.5
Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam
Libertarian Lewis Dahlby - 309 - 0.6
Libertarian Earl Wertheimer - 152 - 0.3
Libertarian Francis Bedard - 325 - 0.6
Don Valley West
Libertarian Soumen Deb - 226 - 0.4
Libertarian Kaye Sargent - 204 - 0.4
Libertarian Marty Gobin - 274 - 0.4
Libertarian Paolo Fabrizio - 688 - 1.1
Scarborough--Rouge River
Libertarian Alan Mercer - 243 - 0.5

Leader, Jean-Serge, Dropped Out claiming to prefer a mission in having the Liberals decirtified.

Gölök Z. L. F. Buday
Big Brother Must Be Stopped!

"It's Happy Bunny"

Books and Swag owned and created by former Reader's Digest Cartoonist and Philosophically Libertarian, Jim K. Benton