Pim Fortuyn

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Pim Fortuyn
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian Party

Pim Fortuyn is a Nederlander Libertarian Figure in National Parliament, sometimes presumed a racist, but not much to go on.

Party In His Name

Lijst Pim Fortuyn

The Politics of Pim Fortuyn

Pim Fortuyn's party fragmented in the two years after his assassination, but he was voted 'Greatest Nederlander of All Time' in November 2004. His electorate is still there, and another charismatic figure can repeat his success, by appealing to the same ideology. Political correctness has obscured the truth: there is a substantial racist block in the Netherlands and other EU countries. They will never accept immigration, they will never accept immigrant minorities as 'fellow citizens', nothing less than 100% deportation will satisfy them. Until that problem is resolved, Europe can expect new Pim Fortuyn.


In V-2002, Pim Fortuyn got 17% of the vote, the same percentage as Jean-Marie Le Pen in the French Presidential election, a few weeks earlier. Pim Fortuyn entered the election campaign at the head of a list of candidates under his name, not a party. He was, oddly enough, expelled by his nominating party and ran without one. Nine days before the election, he was assassinated. His reputation did get 26 largely unknown candidates elected to the 150-seat Dutch parliament, placing them into some power in a short-lived coalition government. Fortuyn's list of candidates became an official political party, the Lijst Pim Fortuyn.


When murdered he was reported as a Libertarian and somewhat Environmentalist Parliament Candidate for the contra-libertarian House of Orange or Monarchy ruled Government. Later because of parallels to voting staistics in foreign countries, such as France and the "17%" who voted alledged racist Le Pen he was compared to Jörg Haider, Filip Dewinter, Pia Kjaersgaard, and Umberto Bossi; despite all denials. Like with Patrick J. Buchanan in the United States of America, accusations like this are mostly punditry and based on forced associations or ambiguous support of racist or culturalist groups.

His Murder

"Fortuyn's real killer : The authorities know but do not show.

FPF/HR -The Netherlands - Nov. 16th 2002 - Dutch authorities and the corporate media have effectively blocked any news concerning the investigation of the murder of controversial politician Pim Fortuyn. The police and "certain services" even have a lot of video film material from at least 5 different security TV-camera's; but not a sound is heard about this evidence. It does show the real killer 'in flagranti' of course, caught red handed - and gun shooting - on video-tape. So why have the police and district attorney not just shown the video material that night or the day thereafter ? That might effectively have shown "whodunit". And stopped all the suspicions about "framing" the presumed killer 'Volkert vd G'. The case seems to be quite clear and is not a 'complot' : it's only some vital information which we do not have yet because it's withheld by the 'authorities' of which some maybe are involved in this strange murder investigation." Source.

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