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Humorist and Illustrator 'Jim K Benton, most notably writer of the hysterical It's Happy Bunny series. Libertarian sympathetic or philosophically; membership, unknown.


"We may share some similar views. I'm pro leave-people-alone." -- Jim K. Benton in correspondence.
"Congratulations! You are now ready to Have a Life! Take good care of it, and don't tell the idiots you have one or they'll want to get their grimy paws all over it." -- "it's happy bunny" "Life. Get One." (JKB)
"Are You Cute But Evil? Don' worry. It's not you. It's just your birth date." -- "it's happy bunny" "What's Your Sign?" (JKB)
"Is spying as bad as it sounds? C'mon. They're in your thoughts. Your in their bushes. It all evens out." -- "it's happy bunny" "Love Bites" (JKB)

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